Distributed Energy Grid Modernization – Rapid Pilots to Production: Actual Use Cases

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), such as utility and consumer-owned solar panels, energy storage devices, wind turbines and electric vehicles, are disrupting the traditional grid operating model. Multi-directional energy flow, low carbon regulations, fluctuations in energy supply and demand, customer expectations for zero power outages, and the need to reduce costs are driving distribution utilities to seek intelligent, interconnected grid management and control applications.

Faster, Smarter Solar Design Using Aurora & Nearmap

Commercial and residential solar installers win business faster by qualifying, estimating, and designing PV systems using high-definition aerial imagery. When combined with Aurora’s industry-leading solar design, installers can accurately identify critical roof details, obstructions, and shadowing—without traveling to job sites. Join a panel of experts from Nearmap and Aurora and discover how these combined solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage.

How AI & Machine Learning Deliver Personalized Marketing at Scale

Join the technology experts behind Fiveworx, the AI-driven automation platform for persona-based energy marketing, as they discuss the use and scalability of AI and machine learning for mass personalization and customer engagement. This webinar promises a can’t-miss, captivating peek at some of the most innovative ways to make aggregate data actionable to achieve organizational objectives. Listen in as the pros explore how technology helps them deliver highly individualized communication to a large, diverse audience and engage a customer of one.