Defining Smart Energy

Just as phones evolved from offering limited functionality to ultimately serving nearly all of our online needs, so too are inverters becoming an energy ecosystem, providing flexibility and growth to the PV industry. When coupled with an all-in-one app for energy control, this creates a new possibility for energy-efficient smart homes.


Beyond The Battery: How Austin Energy is Maximizing the Value of Integrated Storage and DERMS

Renewable energy deployment goals are driving increasing penetration of distributed solar generation. If not deployed and controlled thoughtfully, this can threaten the stability of the distribution grid.  Issues include voltage volatility, reverse power flows, and power quality concerns. Utilities have two paths to avoid this situation. The first is to limit solar interconnection. The second is to develop cost-effective control strategies. Partners Austin Energy and Doosan GridTech are pursuing the latter by deploying a DER management system (DERMS) to integrate over 3 MW of utility-owned energy storage systems (ESS), solar PV and distributed residential and commercial storage.