Transforming Multi-Megawatt Solar Design: A First Look

When you’re designing large solar installations, maintaining accuracy while manipulating massive designs can be a challenge. That’s why Aurora set out to rethink your solar design platform from the ground up. After almost two years of development, Aurora Solar is unveiling a brand new system design engine which will offer over 10x improvements in speed for megawatt scale designs. This streamlined workflow and intuitive interface will set the new standard for PV system design.

Grid Edge

GTM Squared Live! A Grid Edge Roundtable

Come join us for a GTM Squared interactive call on Tuesday, July 17. This quarter's call will focus on grid edge applications: tech innovation, policy and regulation, and power utility business models.

Jeff St. John, author of Squared's weekly Dispatches from the Grid Edge column, will kick off with a presentation on the state of the grid edge market.

After his presentation, Jeff will be joined by Stephen Lacey and Julia Pyper for an editorial roundtable. The group will debate and discuss topics from across the grid edge ecosystem and take questions from audience members.

Continuity is King: Why Energy Resilience Matters

Let’s face it – Weather Happens. In 2017 alone, there were 16 weather events and climate-related disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States. According to research, 92% of organizations have experienced an energy failure in the past year, and over a quarter admit that not knowing available options is a roadblock to future-proofing their business. But with the right energy strategy, organizations can protect against catastrophic events while improving commercial performance and unlocking new sources of value.