Strategic Investments in Off-Grid Energy Access

Providing access to clean and reliable energy to off-grid populations represents a massive market opportunity within the energy transition. Global energy players have started to take notice and are making strategic investments and partnerships in this rapidly growing sector. In this webinar, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables solar analyst Benjamin Attia and Peter Weston, Director of Programmes at energy access nonprofit Energy 4 Impact, will discuss findings from a recent research collaboration on the corporate-level energy access investment landscape and the rise of solar home system and mini-grid companies. The webinar will also compare and contrast the approaches of different strategic investors as they scale the utility of the future business model at the last mile.

Beyond the PPA: A Company’s Guide to Renewable Energy Procurement

Corporations of all sizes are increasingly interested in clean energy, whether for cost savings, resilience, corporate social responsibility or a combination thereof. While corporate offtakers accounted for an impressive 22 percent of U.S. renewable power purchase agreements (PPAS) in 2018, PPAs are just one way to invest in renewables like wind and solar.

Practical Strategies for Closing More Residential Solar Sales

Have you ever met with the ideal solar prospect and been confident the deal would close but it didn’t? Are you interested in learning specific strategies that can be quickly applied to help you improve your closing rate on residential solar sales? If so, we have advice on best practices from expert industry sales professionals who have sold millions of dollars’ worth of solar, giving you some of their best tips.

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