How Software Can Unlock the Potential of Renewables as Baseload

As the world moves towards 100% renewable energy, energy storage is uniquely positioned in this transition. Energy storage’s near instant response helps smooth the integration of renewables, enabling the grid to emerge more stable and responsive. It can also play multiple roles, acting as both load and capacity depending on whether it is absorbing excess generation or feeding back into the grid.

Integrating AMI Enabled Deep Learning into your Load Forecasts to Drive New Business Value

For the last 5 years, Innowatts has worked with leading utilities and energy providers to perfect a "bottoms up" forecasting methodology built upon AMI data and machine learning from over 18 million smart metered customers worldwide. This approach has enabled a broad range of new applications for predictive analytics and load forecasting across the business, while improving the accuracy of system level forecasts by up to 40%.

Designing for Wind in the Age of Mass Solar Tracker Deployment

Reliable solar trackers don’t come easy. Applying wind design analysis and engineering into any solar tracker architecture involves extensive research, testing and complex engineering that extends far beyond the reach of published standards. As solar deployment expands into new, highly competitive markets, utilizing wind engineering analysis to guide robust tracker design and stow requirements help guarantee reliable long-term operation.