Defending Our PV Systems From Cyberattacks

With more utilities requiring remote grid support features, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as solar PV systems are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. It is important for the solar industry to address this vulnerability prior to mandating nationwide site connectivity. As solar becomes a larger portion of the US energy mix, this weakness may play a key issue in national security if not addressed.

GTM Squared Live! An Electric Vehicle Roundtable

Want to interact with the journalistic minds behind GTM?

Come join us for this GTM Squared interactive call. This quarter's roundtable will focus on electric vehicle markets, technology and policy.

Julia Pyper, author of Squared's weekly Electric Avenue column, will kick off with a presentation on the state of the EV market. Julia will provide expert commentary on the most important trends going into 2019, including:

  • How are EV sales trending globally? And how will CAFE standards, oil demand, and battery cost declines impact adoption in the coming years?
  • Will utility programs and city and state incentives be enough to spur meaningful EV infrastructure build out?
  • Are EV business models and policies evolving as rapidly as the technology to enable opportunities for advanced EV rates, V2G applications and autonomous vehicles?

Optimizing Large-Scale PV Plus DC-Coupled Storage Systems

Navigating the tradeoffs involved with matching PV plus storage business models to the right system design can be challenging. Of the design options available, DC-coupled storage is being recognized globally by utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), solution providers, and institutions like NREL as having a high benefit/cost ratio.