Value of Technology and Material Choice for PV Modules

As the PV industry continues to grow, systems have achieved better performance at drastically lower costs compared to just a few years ago. Moving forward, quality and reliability of systems will be increasingly important to ensure consistent performance and output from PV projects. Choosing the right technology and materials to improve system energy yield and long-term performance will provide valuable benefits to our customers and help them to realize lower LCOE. In this webinar, we will review mono PERC and Bifacial PERC technology and discuss how they can improve both PV system performance and costs with higher power output, higher energy yield and better reliability.

Grid Edge

GTM Squared Live! A Grid Edge Roundtable

Come join us for a GTM Squared interactive call on Tuesday, July 17. This quarter's call will focus on grid edge applications: tech innovation, policy and regulation, and power utility business models.

Jeff St. John, author of Squared's weekly Dispatches from the Grid Edge column, will kick off with a presentation on the state of the grid edge market.

After his presentation, Jeff will be joined by Stephen Lacey and Julia Pyper for an editorial roundtable. The group will debate and discuss topics from across the grid edge ecosystem and take questions from audience members.

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