How to Retrofit Legacy Inverters: Issues, Solutions, & Case Study

In this webinar, we’ll outline the challenges of retrofitting legacy inverters, solutions for how to replace these inverters, and take an in-depth look at one case study for replacing unsupported 600V inverters with new 1000V inverters. If you are dealing with unsupported inverters such as Satcon, Advanced Energy, Refusol, PV Powered, or Power One this is a presentation you won’t want to miss. You should be able to continue producing clean energy and make money with the system you already have.

At the Edge of the Grid: Business Model Innovation in the New Energy Landscape

The rise of distributed energy resources, like solar+storage, is redefining the role of end users on a now dynamic electrical grid. These "Prosumers" are creating new relationships with traditional energy players. Now, a new type of business model is needed to adapt; one that that puts digitization at its forefront.

Listen to Schneider Electric Vice President Mark Feasel and hear his insight on how businesses can embark on Microgrid projects without taking on the operational and financial risk.