Leveraging AI to Forecast and Optimize FTM Storage

Integrating storage into your projects can be challenging for many developers. However, with artificial intelligence, you can accurately forecast and optimize front-of-the-meter (FTM) storage on the grid for the wholesale market. Stem provides intelligent energy storage systems that maximize value for FTM projects by delivering advanced solutions for large-scale energy storage projects, including storage paired with renewables and standalone projects.

In this webinar, we will speak to an audience of FTM project developers, lead asset professionals, independent power producers, load serving entities, and more on “future-proofing” revenue streams and unlocking opportunities for FTM storage as energy markets evolve.

Join us as Stem’s FTM market experts discuss: 

  • The current market of front-of-meter energy storage systems
  • How artificial intelligence enables success and why it matters for front-of-meter projects
  • Real-time installations that leverage artificial intelligence to forecast & optimize storage
  • How to select the optimal product for front-of-meter applications