DNV GL Releases The 2017 PV Module Reliability Scorecard

DNV GL, the world’s largest independent renewables testing, advisory services and certification company, has released its third annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard report, presenting a thorough analysis of PV module performance based on laboratory environmental testing. The study brings a consistent set of evaluation criteria to indicate long term PV module performance and covers most leading manufacturers active in the market today. The report addresses the need for the lack of reliable and independent publicly available extended environmental testing results. As new technologies emerge and are introduced into the market, advanced testing is critically needed to assess long term performance and look beyond just lowering costs.

Could Renewables Be The Majors’ Next Big Thing?

Wind and solar are poised to radically reshape energy markets. Though the timing of the energy transition is highly uncertain, oil and gas companies need to prepare. Expertise, balance and optionality will be needed to hedge against any future erosion of the upstream value proposition and hardening investor sentiment towards carbon. Wood Mackenzie's latest insight looks at how the Majors are leading the way in shaping strategies to capture a piece of the action in this fast-growing market.

Pile On The Payoff: When Battery Energy Storage Supports Multiple Uses, ROI Soars

Utility executives may be calling battery energy storage (BES) systems the holy grail of renewables integration and other industry challenges, but here’s an ironic reality: Most organizations keep that holy grail half full or even close to empty. That’s because most organizations target few value streams from battery systems, damaging the profitability of the investment. Learn how storage investments can provide value along a broader continuum of market-based earning (MBE) opportunities. And how BES systems that are controlled using advanced algorithms can balance a variety of factors to deliver the right service at the right time to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Solar Plus Energy Storage: Comparing System Options

North America currently has over 20 GW of installed utility-scale PV generation. With 2016 seeing the largest amount of PV installed to date with over 14 GW brought online. The majority of this installed utility-scale PV base could expand production hours and increase revenues with the addition of energy storage.

Transforming Today’s Energy Grid

With the ability to control generation and load, storage becomes one of the most critical assets in the utility portfolio. The results of incorrectly assembling disparate components from multiple vendors into a single solution could result in potentially dangerous and expensive failures.

DERMS: A Term Gone Too Far?

This free research note contextualizes DERMS as a key real-time system, among several real-time and off-line systems and applications, that utilities are integrating to develop a broader software-based DER lifecycle management solution to support DER integration.