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Cannabis and Cleantech: Legal Marijuana Is Opening Up a New Market for Renewable Microgrids

On this week’s Energy Gang podcast, we talk about the financial opportunity and risks associated with energy management in the cannabis industry.

by Stephen Lacey
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Growing from 1000VDC PV Systems to 1500VDC; Why and How?

Why did the industry move from 600 volt solar arrays to 1000 volt solar arrays? The answer is simple, to reduce system costs. The value of increased system voltages is realized in infrastructure savings, reduced installation costs, and end-to-end efficiency improvements.

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Achieving Operational Optimization in Microgrid Implementations

This paper reviews the characteristics of microgrids and their various operational objectives, showcases the feasibility analysis required to plan a successful microgrid implementation, and highlights strategies for optimizing microgrids and the technological solutions required to achieve these objectives.

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Utilities in the Connected Age: Strategies for Cybersecurity

This paper recommends an integrated utility security program that encompasses physical and digital security technology, staffing and training, leadership support, cross-departmental collaboration and cross-sector coordination.

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Shifting the Corporate Perspective on Energy: A Service, Not a Commodity

This white paper explores the factors that are driving large energy users to view energy as a service rather than a commodity to lower their enterprise energy costs and while improving their competitive advantage.