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The US Energy Storage Market Kicks Into High Gear

On this week’s Energy Gang podcast: What’s behind the big leap for batteries?

by Stephen Lacey
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Bottlenecks Building as US Wind Demand Peaks

While the US wind energy installation outlook looks bright – more than 23GW in new capacity forecast over the next two years – looming unforeseen supply chain bottlenecks could lead to project cancellations and postponements, putting as much as $2.1 billion of revenue at risk.

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Planning for a Distributed Energy Future

In the few short years since West Monroe’s last survey, Keeping the Lights On, there has been an increase in the types of DERs connected to the grid across utilities of all sizes and geographic locations in North America. In this research report, we take a comprehensive and linear look at how customers, utilities, and regulators are approaching this transformation in 2018.