Is California’s Solar Rooftop Mandate the Gateway for Electrifying Everything?

This week on The Energy Gang: the pathway to electrifying homes and why the current home efficiency paradigm sucks.

by Stephen Lacey
Regulation & Policy

4 Benefits of Distribution Automation in a Decentralized Energy World

Distribution automation is becoming more important as electricity systems get flooded with distributed resources.

by GTM Creative Strategies
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The Code To Closing Today’s Residential Solar Deals

Except for Hawaii, every solar market in the U.S. is still tapping into the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ population. Even in California, residential solar has yet to ‘cross the chasm’ and reach mainstream consumers.

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Why Personalization Matters

There’s strong industry consensus that personalization makes email much more effective, with lifts in engagement of a minimum of about 30% and as much as 6-7 times more than email that isn’t personalized. The same level of personalization can be applied across all channels and initiatives.