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Republicans Float a Trial Balloon for a Carbon Tax. Will the Grassroots Give It Lift?

On this week’s Energy Gang podcast, we look at a new plan for a carbon tax and dividend from Reagan-era Republicans.

by Stephen Lacey

Oversizing the PV System to the Inverter Ratio

Featured White Paper

Achieving Operational Optimization in Microgrid Implementations

This paper reviews the characteristics of microgrids and their various operational objectives and highlights strategies for optimization and the technological solutions for success.

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Guide to Back Up Power: Considerations for Energy Storage Assets

Examining considerations for developers and users when selecting an energy storage inverter to provide valuable back up power as part of extracting maximum value during installation.

Featured White Paper

Good Neighbors on the Grid: Large-Scale Solar, Utilities, and Customers

This white paper will discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating new technologies at the grid edge. 

Featured White Paper

Shifting the Corporate Perspective on Energy: A Service, Not a Commodity

Exploring the factors that are driving large energy users to view energy as a service rather than a commodity to lower costs and  improve their competitive advantage.