The House Passed a Tax Bill. Will Wind and Solar Take a Hit in the Final Package?

On the Energy Gang podcast: Poison pills for renewables in tax reform; Elon Musk breaks out his portal gun; and experts warn about European nuke closures.

by Stephen Lacey
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The Digital Grid: Building the Foundation With IoT and Data Analytics

Utilities are facing increasing pressure to maintain reliability, improve resiliency, integrate renewable generation, enhance customer options and services, and ensure sound financial performance—all at the same time.

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How String Inverters Are Changing Solar Management on the Grid

Learn how string inverters are creating a new paradigm for how solar power plants can interact with, and support, power grids across the globe.

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Solar Tracker Site Design: Maximizing Energy Production While Maintaining Lowest Cost of Ownership

PPA contracts are being signed at increasingly lower rates, making it challenging for solar asset owners to maintain a viable ROI. This has increased the need for developers & owners to fully maximize energy production from PV panel systems.

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PJM Capacity Performance Is Here. Don’t Believe The Myths.

In the foreseeable future, Capacity Performance will be PJM’s only game in town for forward capacity Demand Response.

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What Does Energy Storage Success Look Like?

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Making Utility-Integrated Energy Storage A Used, Useful & Universal Resource

The use of distributed resources such as PVs and EVs are expanding at a rapid pace, creating technical challenges for the distribution system that will require energy storage and a new generation of software to address.