100% Renewable Energy Future is Possible with an Intelligent EMS Technology: Bonaire Case Study

Heavy dependence on fossil fuel imports, coupled with a growing climate crisis, puts islands around the globe in a very unique position as it relates to energy security. Relying on oil, diesel and natural gas shipments has been a very expensive endeavor and traditionally the only option for these isolated communities. That is until now. Integrating renewable energy has not only become an economically viable alternative, it’s also a sustainable one.

Defining System Flexibility: Supply is Only Half of the Equation

Definitions of flexibility differ depending on the portion of the grid one focuses on. As generation portfolios evolve and customer-side resources continue to contribute variability to the grid, flexibility should be viewed from both supply and demand sides. This webinar aims at providing a holistic view of system flexibility and provide insights into key drivers to optimize such flexibility.

The State of Corporate Solar Procurement

Join GTM and WoodMackenzie for an overview of trends in solar procurement by corporations and other large energy users. Experts will discuss the most salient trends driving this industry and what corporates and utilities should consider when thinking about renewable procurement.

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