Energizing EV: Accelerating the EV Revolution for Business

29% of US carbon emissions come from transport - a stark reality. With over 272 million vehicles on the road today, only a limited number are electric vehicles. In fact, while 70% of EV cars are in Fleets, only 1.5% of Fleet vehicles are electric. This means the opportunity for businesses to lead the way with action to reduce carbon emissions is huge. But there are roadblocks.

Optimizing Levelized Cost of Energy in PV System Design

With an ever-growing list of technology options and factors to consider during the PV system design process, the challenge of determining the optimal design with the lowest LCOE can be daunting. This presentation will provide an in-depth review of tools that can evolve this crucial optimization process for your organization.

Solar’s Next Decade – Analyst Insights from Solar Power International

Solar Power International is the largest solar show in North America. Wood Mackenzie will have a dozen solar and storage analysts and consultants on the show floor, meeting with key industry players. Hear directly from the analysts as they synthesize their experience with the latest market outlooks. Key topics will include WoodMac’s latest 10-year solar outlook, ongoing tariff discussions, bifacial modules, solar-plus-storage, and what the industry and analysts think about the potential extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit.

Understanding Energy Storage Safety: Insights from Expert Researchers

While interest and investment in the energy storage industry are building, the industry is still developing. Rapidly evolving technology and ongoing innovation are creating more and more opportunities for advancement – but safety standards are struggling to keep pace. Notable fires in Korea and Arizona have key leaders seeking more stringent safety standards. As the industry grows, safety and security measures must evolve as well.

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