At the Edge of the Grid: Business Model Innovation in the New Energy Landscape

The rise of distributed energy resources, like solar+storage, is redefining the role of end users on a now dynamic electrical grid. These "Prosumers" are creating new relationships with traditional energy players. Now, a new type of business model is needed to adapt; one that that puts digitization at its forefront.

Listen to Schneider Electric Vice President Mark Feasel and hear his insight on how businesses can embark on Microgrid projects without taking on the operational and financial risk.

How to Retrofit Legacy Inverters: Issues, Solutions, & Case Study

With a typical lifespan of 10-15 years, many inverters are failing and causing entire systems to shutdown. But how do you deal with repairing or replacing an inverter when the original manufacturer is no longer in business?  How do you replace a 600V inverter when you can only find 1000V inverters to buy? Asset owners and O&M providers are dealing with this issue every week and faced with the challenge of finding cost-effective solutions that work for their particular system. Inoperable inverters cause major losses in system downtime resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenue and wasted resources.

In this webinar, we’ll outline the challenges of retrofitting legacy inverters, solutions for how to replace these inverters, and take an in-depth look at one case study for replacing unsupported 600V inverters with new 1000V inverters. If you are dealing with unsupported inverters such as Satcon, Advanced Energy, Refusol, PV Powered, or Power One this is a presentation you won’t want to miss. You should be able to continue producing clean energy and make money with the system you already have.

Driving the Standard: Wind Testing, Solar Trackers, and Peer Review

As solar goes mainstream with record utility-scale deployments globally, the importance of comprehensive wind engineering research, testing and analysis of smart solar tracker design continues to grow. A year after NEXTracker publicly shared half a decade of pioneering work developed in collaboration with CPP Wind Engineering Consultants, other solar tracker companies have also begun investing in wind research. However, the absence of well-defined structural codes for PV installations has led to conflicting wind testing methodologies, mitigation features and strategies across the industry.

Transitioning the Utility Business Model from Kilowatts to Kilobytes

Disruption in the energy industry is on. Renewables paired with storage and the growing rate of adoption in technologies like electric vehicles (EVs) are forever disrupting grid operations. Utilities that own too little consumer mindshare when it comes to buying or using these modern technology advancements could see the future control of grid capacity shift into the hands of entities controlling these large loads (think: EV charging companies).

To win the game, utilities need to garner a deep understanding of each individual customer and how they interact with their services. Gone are the days of segmenting a million consumers into 10 broad segments. Consumers are experiencing hyper personalization from tech giants like Netflix and Google, and this is the new bar the energy industry needs to meet, or beat.

Artificial intelligence can help utilities understand each consumer in depth with data and interactions utilities may already possess. The key is developing deeply accurate analytics and actionable insights from this data - appliances, behaviors, habits, lifestyle, buying patterns, propensity to buy, channels of communication and more.

Learn how to transform your customer data into business intelligence for myriad use cases in this talk from the company that invented deep analytics and applied AI techniques for utilities.

The Role of the Utility in the Rise of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles and the infrastructure to enable it is enticing automakers, utilities, charging network providers, manufacturers, and tech companies to seek their place in the new transportation ecosystem. This webinar seeks to answer where regulated utilities will ultimately compete and provide insight into the ways in which they can accelerate the electrification of transportation and its integration into the grid.

A New Chapter for the North American Wind Market

In this webinar, Wood Mackenzie wind energy analysts will review the significant trends in North American wind power in 2019 and discuss the outlook for North American wind in 2020. Learn about the key drivers and barriers for new wind power installations in North America, including sub-regional market dynamics.​