U.S. Utility-Scale Solar O&M and Monitoring Trends

By 2027, utility PV will consistently make up more than 50% of all U.S. annual capacity additions. Despite potential coronavirus impacts, the aftermarket has shown resilience: strong, steady growth has made the solar O&M industry extremely competitive for new and existing vendors.

How to Build a Resilient Uninterruptible Microgrid Using Energy Storage

Commercial, industrial and military customers are looking to microgrids to provide reliable energy during a grid outage and enhance energy independence based on locally produced clean energy.

But not all microgrids are alike. Nor do they always provide the resiliency or energy independence benefits that customers are seeking. Saft will discuss how microgrids work: how to define different levels of resiliency, what it takes to successfully operate an islanded microgrid with high levels of renewables, and what pitfalls to avoid.

The webinar will dive into how battery energy storage integrated with Saft-Go Electric’s microgrid controller creates resilient, uninterruptible microgrids for grid-tied and remote applications. Customers will share their experience and lessons learned in implementing and operating microgrid solutions.

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