GTM Squared Live! An Energy Storage Roundtable

The GTM Squared Q2 2018 interactive discussion will focus on how energy storage is helping to optimize the power grid. We'll kick off with an outlook on technologies and markets from our resident expert, Julian Spector. Julian will give us his hot takes and updates on the biggest stories of 2018 so far, including:

Are gas peakers dead? We’ll look at how markets are moving in CA, AZ, NY, and MA.
Is the resilience bump real? For a long time, everyone said resilience was priceless, but no one wanted to pay for it. Last year's string of disasters might change that.
Is 2018 the year residential storage shines? Last year the segment set records each quarter. If the trend continues, we’ll see 4x growth in 2018.

After the presentation, Stephen Lacey and Julia Pyper will join for a high-powered editorial roundtable. The group will debate topics from across cleantech and take questions from members. Click here to submit your questions on storage and peakers, resilience, and residential storage for the roundtable! Your topic could be discussed live on air.

Non-Wires Alternatives: Emerging, Maturing, or Stalled?

The growing interest on distributed energy resources and business models supporting them has renewed interest in non-wires alternatives (NWAs) as a key planning concept central to the transformation of utilities business models. While NWAs have been used since the 1990s, recent state regulation and technological innovation in both supply and demand-side energy resources have created the need to better understand the nuances behind treating DERs and other NWAs as potential solutions to foreseeable grid deficiencies competing with traditional network infrastructure projects.

Future Proofing Energy Storage Investments

Energy storage has reached a turning point as a mainstream grid-reliability resource. The United States achieved another year of record deployments, and forecasts show continued rapid expansion of the energy storage industry. At the same time, the investment case for storage is still difficult due to risks of limited technology track record and business cases that rely on uncertain revenues. Due to rapidly changing grid dynamics and the long life required of storage assets, energy storage owners must future-proof their investments today.

Distributed vs. Virtual Central

The “Distributed vs. Centralized” conversation has been heavily debated since string inverter manufacturers began offering 1000Vdc products. Many installers, developers and EPCs had chosen a preferred architecture. However, the introduction of 1500Vdc string inverters into the utility space has changed the dynamics again. These string inverters can be installed in either distributed or centralized architectures by using the virtual central approach. Higher powered inverters, longer strings at 1500Vdc and better communication options are positioning these inverters for use in much larger sites than had been considered only a few years ago. The question is not string vs. central anymore, it is distributed vs. centralized.

Critical Commercial O&M Practices for Sustained Profitability

Traditional practices for monitoring and managing solar portfolios are no longer adequate. Digitalization and complex performance metrics have eliminated the need for O&M providers to roll trucks and blindly visit sites. As portfolios continue to grow, so does complexity for asset owners. Disparate inverters, monitoring platforms, and varying control technologies produce inconsistent data.  Managing this tsunami wave of data is time-consuming and expensive. Advanced reporting tools and precise error detection is now a requirement. The solution is a proactive approach that maximizes portfolio value by aggregating data, streamlining reports, and making the best use of self-produced power. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to optimize performance which leads to the maximum return on solar investment, with less effort and at a minimal cost.

How AI & Machine Learning Deliver Personalized Marketing at Scale

Join the technology experts behind Fiveworx, the AI-driven automation platform for persona-based energy marketing, as they discuss the use and scalability of AI and machine learning for mass personalization and customer engagement. This webinar promises a can’t-miss, captivating peek at some of the most innovative ways to make aggregate data actionable to achieve organizational objectives. Listen in as the pros explore how technology helps them deliver highly individualized communication to a large, diverse audience and engage a customer of one.

Distributed Energy Grid Modernization – Rapid Pilots to Production: Actual Use Cases

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), such as utility and consumer-owned solar panels, energy storage devices, wind turbines and electric vehicles, are disrupting the traditional grid operating model. Multi-directional energy flow, low carbon regulations, fluctuations in energy supply and demand, customer expectations for zero power outages, and the need to reduce costs are driving distribution utilities to seek intelligent, interconnected grid management and control applications.

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