Energy Storage

Will Energy Storage Replace Peaker Plants?

Today, there are select cases in which lithium-ion batteries are competitive with natural-gas peaker plants. However, in a few years, competition will intensify across the country. And with costs only headed downward, GTM Research and Wood Mackenzie believe that batteries overtaking peakers will be a common occurrence in the U.S. in just four years.

Sharing Residential Solar Data to Reduce O&M Costs

Long-Term O&M costs have become an increasingly substantial portion of the overall cost of residential solar installations. The key to reducing those costs is data sharing. Combining field data and meter data drives efficiencies in Operations and Maintenance which can significantly reduce diagnostics, troubleshooting and issue resolution expenses. This webinar will provide insights into the ways asset owners can utilize data to service the needs of distressed assets. SunSystem Technology will share what it has learned in servicing over 35,000 residential solar installations and will share the ways it has benefited from its partnership with Locus Energy and its 150,000+ monitored systems.

The Code to Closing Today’s Residential Solar Deals

Like every innovation, residential solar PV is making its way through the technology adoption lifecycle. The ‘chasm’, or gap between the early adopters and early majority customers, is where most new technologies fail and where countless companies die. Except for Hawaii, every solar market in the U.S. is still tapping into the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ population, as shown in the chart below. Even in California, residential solar has yet to ‘cross the chasm’ and reach mainstream consumers.