Accelerating Decarbonization with Power-to-X Technology

Power-to-X is a rapidly growing market opportunity in the global energy transition, as future fuels will be the key to enabling and accelerating decarbonized societies at the final stage of achieving 100% renewable energy. Power-to-X technology synthesizes hydrogen and C02 captured from the air to produce carbon-neutral, renewable synthetic fuels. In the future, these renewable synthetic fuels will replace fossil fuels in providing important balancing services to the electricity grid. 

This webinar will explore how Power-to-X can decarbonize industry, transportation and the energy sector - all while utilizing existing infrastructures. Experts from Soletair Power, Q Power and Wärtsilä will discuss how the Power-to-X process works, the drivers for these technologies and the feasibility of deploying these technologies today. Join this webinar to learn about the crucial role that Power-to-X will play in the transition to 100% renewable energy systems.