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The Need and Opportunity to Enable Flexible Demand Response in the U.S.

While demand response programs have evolved in recent years from one-way load control programs, the emergence of the internet of things (IoT) and sophisticated software control platforms has created new opportunities to harness and aggregate DR resources in ways unavailable less than a decade ago.

In this minibrief, Centrica Business Solutions explores the shifting technological and policy factors impacting demand response in the United States. 

Featured White Paper

Short- and Long-Term Impacts of the Coronavirus on Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is no stranger to disruptions. Over the past decade, the wind, solar and storage industries have experienced explosive growth despite on-and-off trade wars, as well as policy changes and uncertainty at both the state and federal level. 

None of those changes, however, begin to rival the wide-ranging impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic.


Assessing the State of Demand Response Amid California’s Grid Stresses

This week on The Interchange, we look at where things stand on demand-side grid management.

by Stephen Lacey