Dynamic Wind Analysis in Tracker Array Design

PV plants are often exposed to hazards that put the installation at risk of becoming an unpredictable economic investment. For this reason, single-axis solar tracker design must comply with a series of parameters that take into account the aeroelastic effects caused by the wind. Electronics improvement is also required to face weather phenomena such as cyclones, high winds or electrical storms.

North American Offshore Wind Market Outlook

The United States offshore wind energy market remains poised for explosive growth, with over 23 GW of new installations expected to come online by 2029. This webinar will provide an overview of 1) The impact of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) extension on near-term market demand 2) Near-term scheduling delays due to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Environmental Impact Statement process 3) Investment opportunities for port infrastructure improvement and deployment of Jones Act compliant installation vessels Transmission infrastructure and other power market challenges.

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How to Sell Solar Remotely

Learn the latest industry tricks to grow your solar business and gain market share.

Whether you’re a solar installer, solar sales team, manufacturer, distributor or lender, this session will provide you with solutions to increase your bottom line. From design and proposal tools to financing and permitting tools, streamlining your process will be critical to thrive in today’s North American’s market reality.

How to Use Software to Meet California’s Solar Mandate

Starting January 1st of this year, all new homes under three stories permitted in California must install solar (Title 24, Part 6 of the California Building Standards Code). This changes more than a few things for the homebuilding industry, including building design plans, project workflow, required permitting documents, and tools needed to demonstrate compliance. 

Maximizing Storage Attachment Rates: Solutions for Solar EPCs

Despite the incredible value of stored energy, many solar projects still suffer from low storage attachment rates, resulting in missed opportunity for enterprises and Solar EPCs alike. In this webinar, Stem will discuss how to increase the storage attachment rates on solar projects, the different tiers of benefits that its Partner Program offers to Solar EPCs, and how to partner with distributors to maximize efficiencies throughout the solar value chain. 

U.S. Solar Market Update

With the latest U.S. Solar Market Insight report in hand, on this webinar Wood Mackenzie analysts will discuss the key trends that shaped the market in 2019 and what to look for as we move into the 2020s. This presentation will explore recent solar deployment numbers, relevant policy and and regulatory developments informing the U.S. solar market outlook, system pricing trends and supply-chain dynamics.

Catalyzing IoT Innovation to Transform Communities

Itron's Smart Community Challenge is calling on technology providers to leverage Itron's open IoT platform to build solutions to critical challenges facing utilities and the communities they serve. In this webinar, you'll learn how the power of ubiquitous connectivity and intelligent edge devices can be harnessed to protect and empower communities through IoT innovation.