Breakfast & Check-in
Opening Remarks and Keynote Fireside Chat

We will sit down with the CTO of a leading solar developer to understand how software tools are transforming PV design, engineering, construction and maintenance, as well as project finance.

Deep Dive: Taking the Pulse of Solar Software in 2019 - Big Winners & Losers, Key Market Trends and Emerging Applications

As the vendor ecosystem matures and more installers, developers and EPCs adopt software tools, we will take this opportunity to describe key market trends in the last 12 months and determine which software applications have grown more relative to others.

Networking Break
Morning Theme: Becoming Customer-Centric
Panel: Achieving Customer Centricity

How to scalably customize sales processes through software tools and how that is enabling installers and utilities to put customers at the center, transforming customer experience and optimizing lead management by better understanding customer profiles and load management data.

Emerging Tech Speed Pitch
Case Study: Reducing the Cost of Lead Management and Acquisition Through AI and Data Analytics

A leading technology player will showcase how machine learning and AI is revolutionizing installers and utilities’ relationships with their customers, personalizing and easing customer experience at every touchpoint while significantly reducing customer management costs.

Afternoon Theme: Reducing Operational Costs
Roundtable Discussion: Redefining Asset Management and Operations

As data sharing connects the dots of installation design, construction and asset management, software tools and interoperable data platforms are reshaping asset management and operational efficiency. We will open questions to the audience in this interactive session to learn more about how software is improving the operational flow of solar projects.

Case Study: Downtime Costs for Solar Operations – A Race to the Bottom

A leading data analytics player will elaborate on how lifecycle is significantly reducing downtime costs across PV fields.

Panel: A Bird’s Eye View on Remote Imagery

Real-time satellite and drone imagery is allowing asset owners to reduce their response times in the event of system failures. But does remote imagery really pay off relative to other lifecycle assessment tools?

Networking Break
Panel: Impact on Project Finance

How software tools and real-time data analytics are helping installers, EPCs, and developers streamline project finance across their solar assets.

Emerging Tech Speed Pitch
Panel: Cybersecurity and the New World of Privacy

Overcoming cyber vulnerability points and securing customer data have become essential priorities for the industry. What are the most advanced cybersecurity strategies? How can blockchain improve data protection? How is compliance with new data protection laws contributing to more impenetrable operations?

Closing Keynote: Beyond Solar Software’s Current Value Proposition – Defining the Next Wave of Software Applications for Solar

The vendor ecosystem for applications for solar software keeps evolving, but it is essential to understand where we are headed, especially when it comes to how machine learning and AI are multiplying the possibilities of software tools for operational management, project finance and customer management.

Closing Remarks
Networking Drinks