Breakfast & Check-in
Opening Polls: Getting to Know the Audience

We will kickstart the day by summarizing the program, posing a number of questions to the audience with the aim of understanding what different solar stakeholders are sitting in the room, what key software applications are these companies using and what key takeaways are they hoping to come out with.

Moderator: Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor, Greentech Media

Deep Dive: Taking the Pulse of Solar Software in 2019 - Big Winners & Losers, Key Market Trends and Emerging Applications

As the vendor ecosystem matures and more installers, developers and EPCs adopt software tools, we will take this opportunity to describe key market trends in the last 12 months and determine which software applications have grown more relative to others.

Paul Grana, Co-Founder, Sales & Marketing, Folsom Labs

Keynote Interview

We will sit down with the SVP of a leading solar developer to understand how digitalization is transforming solar business at its core.

Chris Murray, SVP of Operations, Momentum Solar

Moderator: Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor, Greentech Media

Networking Break
Becoming Customer-Centric
Panel: Achieving Customer Centricity

The world's largest company, Amazon, attributes its success to being "customer obsessed". This panel will focus on how software can help you automatically understand your customer, and tailor your offering to meet their unique needs. From automatically analyzing customer consumption profiles. This panel will answer how to scalably customize sales processes through software tools and how that is enabling installers and utilities to put customers at the center, transforming customer experience and optimizing lead management by better understanding customer profiles and load management data. #showall

Beth Galante, Senior Vice President of Business Development, PosiGen
Paul Gibbs, Co-Founder & CEO, Folsom Labs
Samuel Adeyemo, Chief Operating Officer, Aurora Solar
Tim McKeever, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, PetersenDean

Moderator: Emma Foehringer Merchant, Writer, Greentech Media

Emerging Tech Speed Pitch

Omnidian will be presenting why the innovation behind their software product makes this startup unique, what key applications it can bring to solar players, and why its technology has potential for scalability.

David Kenny, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Omnidian

Moderator: Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor, Greentech Media

Reducing Operational Costs
Roundtable Discussion: Redefining Asset Management and Operations

As data sharing connects the dots of installation design, construction and asset management, software tools and interoperable data platforms are reshaping asset management and operational efficiency. We will open questions to the audience in this interactive session to learn more about how software is improving the operational flow of solar projects. #showall

Leigh Zanone, Director of Operations & Asset Management, 8minutenergy
Jo Suresh, Sr. Data Scientist, NEXTracker
Claudia Eyzaguirre, CEO & Co-Founder, PV Complete

Moderator: Benjamin Gallagher, SME, Carbon & Emerging Technology, Energy Transition Practice, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Fireside Chat

The Senior Director for Product Management with Sunrun will sit down with a senior member of GTM's editorial team to cover topics such as process automation through software, the evolution of software tools, onloading and e-commerce for DG solar.

Eric Reinhardt, Sr. Director of Product Management, Sunrun

Moderator: Julian Spector, Staff Writer, Greentech Media

Panel: A Bird’s Eye View on Remote Imagery

Real-time satellite and drone imagery is allowing asset owners to reduce their response times in the event of system failures, as well as to forecast production for solar plants much more accurately. But does remote imagery really pay off relative to other lifecycle assessment tools?

Sam Choi, Manager, Emerging Technologies & Renewables, Orlando Utilities Commission
Jono Millin, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, DroneDeploy
Nikhil Vadhavkar, CEO, Raptor Maps

Moderator: Thomas Koch Blank, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

Networking Break & Folsom Labs Demo
Panel: Impact on Project Finance

How software tools and real-time data analytics are helping installers, EPCs, and developers streamline project finance across their solar assets.
This panel discussion will look at how software tools are transforming project finance in residential and commercial applications, helping installers and project developers optimize cost evaluation, project monitoring and workflows. #showall

Paul Zavenoff, Senior Director Portfolio Management, Clearway Energy Group
Abe Yokell, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Congruent Ventures
Jeff McAulay, Co-Founder, Energetic Insurance
Bryan Birsic, Co-Founder & CEO, Wunder Capital

Moderator: Allison Mond, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Panel: Digital Tools as the Key to Designing and Integrating Solar + Storage

From design, engineering and construction to maximizing efficiency once plants are operational, software tools are key to scaling solar + storage. This discussion will look at examples of how software technologies and design tools are making that possible. #showall

Eric Reinhardt, Sr. Director of Product Management, Sunrun
Selene Lawrence, Director of Government Affairs, Sullivan Solar Power
Matt Brausch, Project Development Engineer, Ameresco
Adam Gerza, Vice President, Business Development, Energy Toolbase

Moderator: Daniel Finn-Foley, Head of Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Investors' Roundtable: Beyond Solar Software’s Current Value Proposition – Defining the Next Wave of Software Applications for S

The vendor ecosystem for applications for solar software keeps evolving, but it is essential to understand where we are headed, especially when it comes to how machine learning and AI are multiplying the possibilities of software tools for operational management, project finance and customer management.
This panel discussion will gather perspectives from VC executives to provide our audience with an investor's perspective on which key technologies will shape the solar software solutions of tomorrow. #showall

Avra Durack, Director, Incubation, National Grid Partners
Juan Muldoon, Principal, Energize Ventures
Ernst Sack, Partner, Blue Bear Capital

Moderator: Emily Kirsch, Co-Founder & CEO, Powerhouse

Networking Drinks