Regulation & Policy 6
By having access to wholesale markets, DERs can capture value that is unavailable in areas without liquid power markets.
Industry Perspective

A Regional Grid Helps, Not Hurts Distributed Renewable Energy

NRDC, Vote Solar, a former Colorado Commissioner and others make the case for a regional transmission grid.

by Carl Zichella, Ed Smeloff and Jennifer Gardner
Batteries, Storage & Fuel Cells 0
Advanced Microgrid Solutions’ Hybrid-Electric Building Fleet Goes Live

Advanced Microgrid Solutions’ Hybrid-Electric Building Fleet Goes Live

How a 10-megawatt fleet of batteries in California office buildings fits into the state’s distributed energy timeline.

by Jeff St. John
Regulation & Policy 3
The bill was designed to help Hawaiian utilities transition to a sustainable business model.

Hawaii Gov Signs Performance-Based Ratemaking Into Law

The new law will link utility revenues to hitting various customer-focused performance metrics, including the interconnection of solar and energy storage.

by Julia Pyper
Energy Efficiency 2
But a lot of work still has to be done to implement the state's clean energy agenda.

New York Boosts Efficiency Target, Makes Way for More Solar and Energy Storage

New York regulators green-light multiple initiatives to advance the state’s clean energy goals, while the governor doubles down on energy efficiency.

by Lacey Johnson
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Solar-Plus-Storage 0
The future of resiliency may be solar and batteries.

Resilient Solar: New York and San Francisco Study Solar With Batteries as a Resiliency Solution

Will solar-plus-storage become central to community resiliency plans?

by Bentham Paulos
Blockchain 11
A proof-of-authority consensus validation process could significantly reduce energy use.

Energy Web Foundation Has a Fix for Blockchain’s Biggest Problem

The organization shows how blockchains can function without using so much energy.

by Jason Deign
Solar-Plus-Storage 56
The telltale shape of the duck has begun appearing in New England's daily energy charts.

Massachusetts Is Staring Down a Duck Curve of Its Own. Storage Could Help

Get ready for solar capacity to double in the next few years.

by Julian Spector
Hawaii Could Save Big by Getting to 100% Renewables Faster

Hawaii Could Save Big by Getting to 100% Renewables Faster

A new Rhodium Group report finds that accelerating Hawaii’s clean energy transition could save billions of dollars.

by Julia Pyper |
Off Grid/Energy Access 9
Minigrids Are the Cheapest Way to Bring Electricity to 100 Million Africans Today
Industry Perspective

Minigrids Are the Cheapest Way to Bring Electricity to 100 Million Africans Today

A CrossBoundary analysis shows why minigrids are vital to achieving affordable, sustainable, modern energy for all.

by Matthew Tilleard, Gabriel Davies and Lucy Shaw
Energy Storage 40
The second-generation Powerwall now comes with a bigger price tag.

Tesla Quietly Raised the Price of the Powerwall

That’s not what usually happens when you scale up mass production.

by Julian Spector
Energy Storage 15
A new report proposes 50 actions nonprofits can take promote battery deployments.

NGOs Get Charged Up Over Batteries in Climate Fight

Now they have a guide on how to help advance the technology.

by Jason Deign
Demand Response 6
OhmConnect grows into a strong residential demand response player.

OhmConnect Reveals $15M in VC Funding and 100MW Stake in Behavioral Demand Response

The startup has 300,000 users using its software to turn real-time household energy savings into cash payments. An $8.5 million Series B will open new markets.

by Jeff St. John
Utilities 9
A four-step plan to scaling Green Mountain Power's distributed energy efforts.

Green Mountain Power’s Distributed Energy Business Isn’t Scaling Fast Enough

RMI gives the Vermont utility advice on how to boost its limited uptake of Tesla Powerwalls, smart water heaters, EV chargers and other DERs to meet the state’s aggressive clean energy goals.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 1
Dynapower is assembling 72 module racks for the combined 40 megawatts of storage it's building for the New Jersey installations.

Viridity and Dynapower Chase Profit Amid PJM Storage Market Slowdown

“RegD is not dead, but you have to be smart about it.”

by Julian Spector
Fossil Fuels 19
Shell looks to the future of energy.

Shell’s Sky Scenario: Solar Dwarfs Oil and Gas as World’s Primary Source of Energy

On this week’s Interchange podcast: the future of energy, according to Shell.

by Stephen Lacey
Off Grid/Energy Access 6
Water From the Sun: Solar-Powered Water Pumps Offer African Farmers a Way Out of Poverty

Water From the Sun: Solar-Powered Water Pumps Offer African Farmers a Way Out of Poverty

But only if financing goes mainstream.

by Chris Warren
Energy Storage 13
Will the Grayson power plant be replaced with batteries, solar and demand response?

Glendale Shelves $500 Million Gas Plant to Examine Clean Alternatives

The clean energy industry has three months to show it can match or beat the planned 262-megawatt gas plant.

by Julian Spector
Nuclear 226
Shutting nuke plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania could be a carbon disaster.

Report: Losing FirstEnergy’s Nuclear Fleet Would Wipe Out Two Decades of Solar and Wind Progress

The Brattle Group releases a new analysis on the carbon and economic downsides of shutting FirstEnergy’s nuclear plants.

by Jeff St. John
A Roundup of the Latest State Energy Policy Developments

A Roundup of the Latest State Energy Policy Developments

An update on general rate case filings, plus a solar bill stalled in South Carolina, an emissions trading proposal in Virginia, and EV legislation in Illinois.

by Julia Pyper |
Upcoming Events
Blockchain 15
A new joint venture plans to add transparency to the cobalt supply chain.

Your Battery Has a Human Cost. Can Blockchain Fix That?

“If you knew that telephone was contributing to the death of children, would you buy it?”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 169
Governor Murphy is expected to sign the legislation into law.

New Jersey Passes Nuclear Subsidies, Boosts Renewables Target to 50%

The RPS bill includes a 2-gigawatt energy storage target and sets higher goals for solar. The nuclear bill includes a lot of controversy.

by Julia Pyper
Energy 4
About 50,000 customers in Puerto Rico still don't have power.

Hurricane Season Begins in June. Is Puerto Rico’s Grid Ready?

It’s unclear how much a re-engineered grid will cost—or when it will be completed.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Policy 7
Insider perspectives on how policy decisions get made — and the political interests driving them.

How Will Climate and Energy Play Into the 2018 Election?

Listen to the inaugural episode of our new podcast: Political Climate.

by Julia Pyper
Understanding how energy storage markets develop can accelerate growth in new and emerging markets.

A Global Theory of Storage Market Evolution

An international comparison identifies frequency regulation as the “entry drug” for energy storage development.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 14
Distribution companies stressed they need visibility on distributed energy resources.

Utilities, Grid Operators Tell FERC They Need Real-Time Data to Better Manage DERs

It’s unclear how federal regulators will tackle the problem.

by Lacey Johnson