Are 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Targets the Hot New Energy Policy Trend?

Are 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Targets the Hot New Energy Policy Trend?

A look at ZEV policy proposals in the city of Los Angeles, the province of British Columbia, the U.S. Congress and beyond.

by Julia Pyper |
Grid Edge 3
SDG&E wants to build 100 megawatts of battery-backed microgrids. Who should own them?

San Diego Gas & Electric Hits Snag in California Microgrids Rollout

California utility SDG&E wants to build microgrids quickly to protect communities from wildfires. But regulators may force it to reopen its projects to third-party competition.

by Jeff St. John
Solar Software Summit 2019: Watch the Entire Event on Demand

Solar Software Summit 2019: Watch the Entire Event on Demand

GTM Squared members get exclusive access to the industry’s leading event devoted to the solar software ecosystem.

by Nicholas Rinaldi |
Regulation & Policy 13
Xcel Energy Fast-Forwards Minnesota Coal Plant Closures but Extends Nuclear Window

Xcel Energy Fast-Forwards Minnesota Coal Plant Closures but Extends Nuclear Window

The utility struck a deal with environmental and labor groups in the Upper Midwest that will allow it to reduce its carbon emissions while easing job losses related to coal plant retirements.

by Jeff St. John
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Commercial & Industrial Energy 1
California remains the leading U.S. market for behind-the-meter storage, but opportunities are expanding in the Northeast.

Engie Acquires Genbright to Unlock More Value From Distributed Storage and Solar Portfolio

Genbright’s software matches distributed energy resources with multiple wholesale energy market opportunities. New England is a key growth target, Engie Storage CEO Chris Tilley tells GTM.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 3
Mini-grids and home solar systems can help transform communities detached from the main grid.
Industry Perspective

How Facebook’s Predictive Grid Map Can Identify African Off-Grid Market Opportunities

To bring electricity to the 600 million Africans without it, we must first know where they are. New tools are emerging that will allow developers to more efficiently target opportunities.

by Lucy Shaw and Jake Cusack
Grid Edge 32
In many regards, batteries are safer to install than rooftop solar, the author says.
Industry Perspective

10 Mistakes I’ve Made Selling and Installing Battery Storage Systems

The CEO of Silicon Valley’s Cinnamon Energy Systems boils down his biggest lessons from the residential battery business—from buggy software and interconnection delays to understanding customers’ emotions.

by Barry Cinnamon
Solar 6
Tesla has pledged to bring 5,000 jobs to New York state within a decade of the Gigafactory 2's completion.

Tesla’s New York Jobs Target on Track as Buffalo Factory Expands Beyond Solar

In addition to its solar roof, Tesla will begin making equipment for its energy storage and EV chargers in New York, offering clarity about the future of its Gigafactory 2.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Grid Edge 0
Tendril Acquires EnergySavvy to Enhance Utility Customer Data Analytics

Tendril Acquires EnergySavvy to Enhance Utility Customer Data Analytics

The home energy data specialist’s second acquisition since December puts it in competition with Oracle’s Opower and Bidgely in the utility customer service field.

by Jeff St. John
Mobility 19
More studies show ride-hailing is putting more internal-combustion cars on the road. Can we clean it up fast enough?

Are Uber and Lyft Bad for Energy and Climate?

On this week’s Interchange episode: We debate the positive and negative consequences of ride-hailing.

by Stephen Lacey
Smart Homes/Smart Buildings 0
UK Battery Startup Moixa Lands $11M From Honda and Itochu

UK Battery Startup Moixa Lands $11M From Honda and Itochu

Startup with megawatts of behind-the-meter batteries under management gets boost from current Japanese virtual power plant partner and soon-to-be European EV integration partner.

by Jeff St. John
Solar 14
Huawei, the world's leading supplier of PV inverters, was already under intense political scrutiny in the U.S.

Chinese Solar Inverters Hit by Latest US Trade Tariffs, but Impact Seen as Muted

The increasingly globalized solar supply chain has been preparing for the possibility of more U.S. tariffs on components made in China. But the cumulative impact of tariffs is building.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Grid Edge 9
Microgrids face lengthy permitting times and components that remain too expensive.

Lessons Learned From California’s Pioneering Microgrids

Four years ago California funded seven microgrid demonstration projects, from fire stations to a college campus. How have they performed, and what do they say about the future?

by Justin Gerdes
Grid Edge 17
Uber, Lyft, Maven and other rideshare companies are seeing increased EV adoption across their fleets.

Electric Ridesharing Benefits the Grid, and EVgo Has the Data to Prove It

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are offering more electric vehicles, boosting the need for fast charging. That may help the grid in high-solar states like California.

by Julia Pyper
Grid Edge 5
Centrica, SSE and Sonnen are involved in local energy market projects in the U.K.

With Its Island Grid, the UK Is Forced to Take the Lead in Developing Local Energy Markets

Britain’s early local energy markets go beyond most current transactional microgrid concepts, as the country grapples with surging renewables and a lack of interconnections.

by Jason Deign
Grid Edge 0
Itron, Landis+Gyr Duel for Market Share in Grid Networking

Itron, Landis+Gyr Duel for Market Share in Grid Networking

The world’s two biggest publicly traded smart metering and grid networking providers reported their financial results this week, highlighting supply challenges and global competition.

by Jeff St. John
Batteries, Storage & Fuel Cells 12
Bloom’s revenue story distinguishes it from the rest of the fuel cell pack.

Bloom Energy Maintains Momentum in Fuel Cell Revenue but Losses Persist

The long-awaited takeoff of the microgrid market offers big potential for Bloom, as it struggles to break away from the loss-making fuel cell industry.

by Eric Wesoff
Solar 0

SolarEdge Hauls in Record Revenue Following Recent Non-Solar Acquisitions

Branching beyond its mainline solar operations, SolarEdge is spending money integrating recent acquisitions running from batteries to EV drivetrains.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 6
Your next source of backup power.
Industry Perspective

Paradise Lost: Reimagining the California Dream With Community Microgrids

The accelerating deployment of electric vehicles will make it easier to build extreme-weather-resilient microgrids encompassing entire communities.

by John Sarter
Regulation & Policy 5
New York has abundant wind and hydro resources upstate, but is struggling to move off fossil fuels in the populous south.

New York’s Grid Operator Grapples With the Energy Transition

State grid operator NYISO’s Power Trends 2019 report highlights the challenge of integrating energy storage and DERs into wholesale markets, and of building a novel carbon-pricing program.

by Jeff St. John
China Poised to Dominate EV Battery Manufacturing

China Poised to Dominate EV Battery Manufacturing

With 90 manufacturers and several gigafactories in the works, China is well positioned to cement its supremacy in electric vehicle battery production.

by Julia Pyper |
This 30-page paper examines competitive trends in the world's most important energy storage markets.

Global Snapshot of Key Energy Storage and Battery Markets

This paper from GTM Squared examines competitive trends in the world’s most important energy storage markets.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 14
Wyoming accounts for 40 percent of U.S. coal production, making the industry politically powerful.

PacifiCorp Proposes Replacing Wyoming Coal Plants With Renewables and Storage

For the first time, the Berkshire Hathaway-owned utility has outlined a plan that could save customers money by retiring coal plants early. But it faces a challenge in Wyoming’s new coal protection law.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 47
There were 5 million EVs on the road worldwide at the beginning of the year.
Industry Perspective

The Solar Singularity: 2019 Update (Part 2)

The biggest question mark for the clean energy future is the pace of electric vehicle adoption, writes Tam Hunt.

by Tam Hunt
Commercial & Industrial Energy 0
Clean Energy Collective aims to double its development pace over the next two years.

Infrastructure Fund Buys Community Solar Developer Clean Energy Collective

The U.S. community solar market is beginning to draw investment from infrastructure funds and institutional investors.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
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