Virginia’s Energy Storage Rules Are Being Written. Are They On the Right Track?

Virginia’s Energy Storage Rules Are Being Written. Are They On the Right Track?

When a storage market materializes out of thin air, it’s worth paying attention.

by Julian Spector |
Energy 22
Carbon capture and alternative fuels will be central to Southern Company's net-zero plans. (Credit: National Carbon Capture Center)

Can Gas-Fired Power Plants Coexist With a Net-Zero Target? Yes, Southern Company Insists

Southern Company has fleshed out its plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Central to the plan: gas.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 40
Tesla plans to enter battery cell manufacturing to drive costs down.

Tesla Battery Day: Expect Battery Costs to Drop by Half Within 3 Years

Changes in battery form factor, materials, supply chain and manufacturing could add up to game-changing savings, says Elon Musk.

by Julian Spector
Grid Edge 9
Electric vehicle chargers, behind-the-meter batteries are a major untapped resource for balancing California's grid.

Unlocking California’s Gigawatt-Scale Distributed Energy Potential

California has nearly 5 GW of distributed energy resources today and may have 13.5 GW by 2025. How can they help stop rolling blackouts?

by Jeff St. John
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Energy Storage 4
Current event: Tesla's first-ever

4 Questions for Tesla’s Battery Day

Can Elon Musk wow the world with battery science?

by Julian Spector
Solar 13
Duke Energy opened its new 560MW Asheville combined cycle natural gas plant this year. (Photo: Duke)

‘Math Doesn’t Yet Add Up’ for Utility Decarbonization Goals: Deloitte

There are big gaps between U.S. utilities’ net-zero targets and their plans for retiring coal and gas plants.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 21
Startup e-Zinc turned to zinc as a cheaper vehicle for long-duration storage than conventional lithium-ion chemistries. (Image credit: e-Zinc)

Can a Novel Zinc Battery Deliver Clean Multiday Backup Power?

California is testing Canadian startup e-Zinc’s long-duration technology to keep businesses powered through wildfires and outages.

by Julian Spector
Grid Edge 7
FERC allows full-scale market participation by batteries, EV chargers, smart appliances and more — but the rules for making that happen will be complicated.

‘Game-Changer’ FERC Order Opens Up Wholesale Grid Markets to Distributed Energy Resources

A huge opportunity for solar, batteries, EVs and other DERs — and a huge challenge to integrate utility grid operations with bulk energy markets.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 1
A compromise emerges in a long-running battle over behind-the-meter battery incentive budgets.

California Won’t Touch Wildfire Budgets in Behind-the-Meter Battery Incentive Shift

The CPUC will retain unspent funds for wildfire-threatened customers but will push $108 million from large-scale storage to low-income communities.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 14
Some of the biggest names in renewables development have not yet committed to net zero.

5 Major US Utilities That Haven’t Promised to Fully Decarbonize

Some of the holdouts will surprise you.

by Julian Spector
Solar 5
South Carolina's Energy Freedom Act formed the basis for a new approach to net-metering for rooftop solar.

Duke Energy’s SC Net-Metering Replacement Won a Crucial Ally: Rooftop Solar Companies

The utility and installers both believe the plan can keep solar attractive while minimizing the costs imposed on non-solar ratepayers.

by Julian Spector
5 Lessons From the Battery Fire Investigations

5 Lessons From the Battery Fire Investigations

A lot has already changed. But there’s more work to do to prevent another calamitous failure.

by Julian Spector |
Grid Edge 8
Major utilities including Dominion and Duke have committed to eliminating their carbon pollution by midcentury.

The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

Utility net-zero carbon pledges are piling up, even if the companies are a long way from kicking their fossil fuel habits.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 1
Renewable developers say Midwest transmission planning needs fixes to unlock wind and solar capacity.

Midwest Grid Operators Seek to Unlock Clean Energy Transmission on the ‘Seam’

Power lines crossing the border of Midwestern grid operators could help bring gigawatts’ worth of stymied wind and solar to market.

by Jeff St. John
Energy 9
Renewables will continue to thrive regardless of the outcome on November 3. (Image: GTM/Binh Nguyen)

What’s at Stake for Clean Energy in the US Election?

How will the election shape the solar, wind, energy storage and utility sectors? GTM’s reporters game it out.

by GTM Staff
Energy Storage 9
Broad Reach Power switched on this battery in Odessa earlier this year for the Texas grid. (Photo: BRP)

The Race Is On to Build the Biggest Batteries in Texas

Energy storage developers once steered clear of the Lone Star State. No longer.

by Julian Spector
Energy 3
Facebook followed Google this week in announcing a more ambitious climate goal.

Facebook Targets Net-Zero Across Its Global Supply Chain by 2030

This week has seen several major climate announcements from Silicon Valley’s giants as climate change-fueled wildfires rage across California.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Grid Edge 4
Google is shifting to round-the-clock renewable power.

Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030

“We are the first major company that’s set out to do this, and we aim to be the first to achieve it,” says Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

by Jeff St. John
Energy 66
Renewables Start to Outpace Fossil Fuels on Europe’s Grid

Renewables Start to Outpace Fossil Fuels on Europe’s Grid

This week on The Energy Gang, we survey Europe’s electricity transition.

by Stephen Lacey
Just 10 percent of home heating in Michigan is done using electricity, compared to 90 percent in Florida.
Industry Perspective

How to Accelerate the Electrification of Buildings in the Midwest

Even in states with harsh winters, the economics and outlook for building electrification are changing quickly, the author writes.

by Laura Sherman
Grid Edge 7
FERC Order May Undermine Renewables, Energy Storage in New York’s Capacity Markets

FERC Order May Undermine Renewables, Energy Storage in New York’s Capacity Markets

Another setback for clean energy resources heightens tension in states considering alternatives to federally regulated markets.

by Jeff St. John
We rank the top energy storage owners in the United States

Top Energy Storage Asset Owners in 2020

We rank the top energy storage owners in the United States.

by Julian Spector |
Energy Storage 3
Much went wrong in fighting the 2019 Arizona battery fire. It doesn't have to be that way.

How to Keep Firefighters Safe From Batteries

Energy storage developers must earn the trust of fire chiefs before the market can reach its full potential.

by Julian Spector
Solar 63
Winter-peaking electric heating and seasonally variable renewables make for Southeast-specific challenges.

How Duke’s Unique Energy Landscape Dictates Its Path to Net Zero

Duke’s director of integrated resource planning and analytics speaks to GTM about the utility’s options — and challenges — for getting to net zero.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 19
Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2020 — So Far
Industry Perspective

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2020 — So Far

COVID-19. Drama at FERC. Batteries and hydrogen. It’s been an extraordinary year for U.S. utility regulators, and it’s not over yet.

by Hannah Polikov