Fossil Fuels 23
Batteries won't completely overtake natural gas peakers by 2050, according to BNEF.

BNEF: Gas Still ‘Necessary’ in a 50 Percent Wind and Solar Scenario

Despite a “battery boom,” analysts believe peakers will still need to support a growing mix of clean energy by mid-century.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Solar-Plus-Storage 10
No capacity market, no incentives -- no problem!

How Vistra and FlexGen Made the Largest Battery in Texas Pencil Out

Turns out there’s money in retrofitting batteries onto existing solar plants.

by Julian Spector
Utilities 9
“We need incentives to invest, but we also need incentives to make innovation.

Utilities Should be Allowed to Experiment and Fail, Says Energy Exec

Utilities are required to innovate but not allowed to make mistakes, laments the managing director of the Austrian power company Energienetze Steiermark.

by Jason Deign
Finance & VC 7
Investors say a lack of federal policy action is a hurdle for continued renewable energy growth.

What Financiers Need to Unlock $1 Trillion in Renewable Energy Investment

Financial institutions say they could double their planned investments in the U.S. renewable energy sector.

by Julia Pyper
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Utilities 4
This is the first time PG&E has put a dollar figure on its potential liability.

PG&E Sets $2.5B Charge for Wildfire Liabilities on the ‘Lower End of Range’

The California utility gives investors a hard figure on the financial disaster it faces if found at fault for last year’s deadly firestorms—and a bankruptcy warning.

by Jeff St. John
Wind Markets & Policy 39
Introducing the Gator Curve.
Industry Perspective

Forget the Duck Curve. Renewables Integration in the Midwest Is a Whole Other Animal

What is the Upper Midwest’s energy mascot? Fresh Energy’s Andrew Twite presents: the Smilin’ Gator Curve.

by Andrew Twite
Regulation & Policy 8
Three major clean energy bills returned to the hearing agenda this June.

California Tries Again With 3 Landmark Clean Energy Bills. This Time Things Are Different

The energy landscape has changed and last year’s obstacles may have shifted for 100 percent clean energy, grid expansion and a storage program.

by Julian Spector
Grid Optimization 2
Distributed Energy Poised for ‘Explosive Growth’ on the US Grid

Distributed Energy Poised for ‘Explosive Growth’ on the US Grid

With distributed resources set to double by 2023, GTM Research lays out the challenges facing U.S. utilities in managing integration.

by Jeff St. John
Policy 18
A bipartisan group is trying for a carbon tax.

Exelon, First Solar and AWEA Back a New Bipartisan Carbon Tax Advocacy Group

Americans for Carbon Dividends has conservative backing and a long-shot goal.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 0
Power in Puerto Rico is almost fully restored.

Department of Energy Issues Recommendations for Post-Maria Puerto Rico

The federal government suggests more clean energy is a good option.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Solar 1
Energy Jobs: Tesla Slashes Workforce 9% and Adds Execs; Regulators Go to Private Sector

Energy Jobs: Tesla Slashes Workforce 9% and Adds Execs; Regulators Go to Private Sector

Executive and boardroom moves in cleantech, utilities, energy and venture capital.

by Katherine Tweed
Smart Homes/Smart Buildings 0
Consumers can use connected devices to increase convenience and comfort.
GTM Research Spotlight

Connected Devices Are Driving a More Grid-Responsive Home

According to a new report from GTM Research, voice-activated devices will be central to the energy-smart home.

by Olivia Chen
Policy 3
Analysts don't expect the solar or storage industries to take a heavy hit from recent Trump tariff announcements.

Trump Tariffs on Chinese Solar and Battery Products to Have Minimal Impact

With Chinese solar imports already flagging, new tariffs shouldn’t further damage the industry.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Blockchain 0
Power Ledger and Silicon Valley Power to Track EV Low-Carbon Credits via Blockchain

Power Ledger and Silicon Valley Power to Track EV Low-Carbon Credits via Blockchain

Blockchain’s use in the energy space gets a new proof-of-concept deployment in Silicon Valley.

by Jeff St. John
GTM Grid Edge Innovation Summit live broadcast from San Francisco, California on June 20 and 21, 2018.

Watch Grid Edge Innovation Summit 2018 Right Here on June 20 & 21

We have 11+ hours of panels and presos from our industry-leading grid edge conference. And you can watch it all by registering here.

by Nicholas Rinaldi |
Energy Efficiency 29
Heat pump systems reduce carbon emissions for buildings, but may cost more than traditional heating and cooling.

Electric Heating Accelerates the Push for Deep Decarbonization, but Cost Remains an Issue

An economic analysis of heat pumps versus natural gas and oil shows the least carbon-intensive option may not be the cheapest.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Lighting 27
UN Aims to Eradicate Inefficient Incandescent Light Bulbs

UN Aims to Eradicate Inefficient Incandescent Light Bulbs

New guidelines for energy-efficient lighting could yield $18 billion in savings.

by Justin Gerdes
Energy Storage 22
To power the grid on renewables year-round, the storage industry will have to get much cheaper and longer-lasting than current batteries allow.

Inside Form Energy, the Star-Studded Startup Tackling the Toughest Problem in Energy Storage

Industry veterans from Tesla, Aquion and A123 are trying to create cost-effective energy storage to last for weeks and months.

by Julian Spector
The Renewable Energy Transition, From the Utility CEO’s Perspective

The Renewable Energy Transition, From the Utility CEO’s Perspective

Investor-owned utility CEOs weigh in on their top priorities, including EV charging programs and reaching 100 percent renewable energy.

by Julia Pyper |
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Regulation & Policy 0
NYPA may be the first utility to digitize all of its processes.

How NYPA Is Taking ‘First Mover’ Position on EVs, Energy Storage and the Digital Grid

President and CEO Gil Quiniones gives an update on NYPA’s 2020 strategic plan.

by Julia Pyper
Breaking Down the Numbers for Nevada’s Super-Cheap Solar-Plus-Storage

Breaking Down the Numbers for Nevada’s Super-Cheap Solar-Plus-Storage

How solar developers struck gold in the Silver State.

by Julian Spector |
Fossil Fuels 80
Siemens may shed its gas turbine business due to slumping demand.

A Reckoning for Power Giants: Siemens May Sell Its Gas Turbine Business

The world has changed. “I think that the whole industry has significantly been underestimating the rise of renewable energy.”

by Stephen Lacey
Electric Vehicles 35
Elon Musk reorganizes Tesla again.

Tesla’s Latest Layoffs: Can Musk Achieve Profitability?

On this week’s Energy Gang podcast: We look at Tesla’s newest restructuring.

by Stephen Lacey
Batteries, Storage & Fuel Cells 9
Bloom Energy’s S-1 by the Numbers

Bloom Energy’s S-1 by the Numbers

How a fuel cell startup with $1.5 billion in investment, $950 million in debt and a $2.3 billion deficit is making its pitch to investors .

by Jeff St. John
Blockchain 9
Blockchain has several useful applications, but it won't transform the energy system overnight.
Industry Perspective

Reality Check: Blockchain Needs Proof of Concept Before Revolutionizing the Grid

Monitoring for renewable energy certificate and natural-gas markets is likely to be one of the first use cases to commercialize.

by Rachel Ett