Kevin de León: Trump Is Serving Global Leadership to China ‘On a Silver Platter’

Kevin de León: Trump Is Serving Global Leadership to China ‘On a Silver Platter’

The California state senator and U.S. Senate candidate keeps the pressure on passing 100 percent renewables legislation.

by Julia Pyper |
Energy Storage 3
The new energy storage unit will operate like an incubator within the larger company.

GE Revamps Its Energy Storage Business

After initial attempts didn’t pan out, the company is focusing its resources on global storage integration.

by Julian Spector
Solar-Plus-Storage 5
More Puerto Ricans are looking for a life beyond the grid.

Grid Defection Is On the Rise in Puerto Rico

On the value of energy storage: “You don’t have to explain that to anyone in Puerto Rico.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Markets & Policy 1
Denver has been working for several years to make solar available to low-income neighborhoods.
Industry Perspective

Expanding Solar in Low-Income Communities: Lessons From Denver

SEIA’s Mike Mendelsohn explains how solar developers can expand the market to serve more customers.

by Mike Mendelsohn
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Fossil Fuels 96
EU coal consumption accounts for only around 6 percent of global coal demand.

Germany Looks to Phase Out Coal. But Does It Matter?

Germany’s proposed ban on coal was big international news, but it will have a relatively small impact on the global stage.

by Jason Deign
Energy Storage 1
Federal regulators unanimously approved a final version of the energy storage rule.

FERC Allows Energy Storage to Play in Nationwide Wholesale Markets

The decision will push grid operators to remove barriers for batteries and other electric storage systems. But FERC said distributed energy still needs more work.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 0
Recent job changes point to growth in the energy storage market.

Energy Jobs: Moniz Joins Southern Company Board; Moves at ESA, ViZn, Sunverge, Sungrow USA and More

Executive and boardroom moves in cleantech, utilities, energy and venture capital.

by Katherine Tweed
Regulation & Policy 5
The new office will address both manmade and natural threats.

DOE Forms a New Office Dedicated to ‘Energy Infrastructure Security’

The Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response will support the “expanded national security responsibilities” assigned to the DOE.

by Julia Pyper
Regulation & Policy 4
A new RMI report shows how smart distributed energy resources can benefit the grid.

How ‘Demand Flexibility’ Could Boost Renewables and Save Texas Billions

Rocky Mountain Institute models how a stack of distributed energy resources can solve the duck curve and curtailment challenges—without using natural gas.

by Jeff St. John
Regulation & Policy 14
Changes have been a long time coming, but they still haven't been easy.

California Sets New Rules for Community Choice Aggregators

Regulators impose resource capacity requirements for cities and counties that want to become their own energy buyers.

by Jeff St. John
Solar-Plus-Storage 40
First Solar will build a massive solar-powered battery to deliver power to APS from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

First Solar Made Good on Its Promise to Beat Out Gas Peakers With Solar and Batteries

A 50-megawatt battery will give Arizona peak power from the sun.

by Julian Spector
Policy 7
Energy and electricity are mostly absent from Trump's big infrastructure plan.

The Trump Infrastructure Plan Is ‘a Big Nothing Burger’ for Clean Energy

The plan does very little to address renewables or energy infrastructure. And it avoids climate risks entirely.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Blockchain 3
Another blockchain-based energy marketplace is in the works.

Blockchain Consortium Aims to Create an ‘Energy eBay’

Electron is working on the project with heavyweights including EDF and Shell.

by Jason Deign
Policy 28
Congress has the final say on what the budget looks like.

Trump’s Proposed Budget Slashes Funding for Clean Energy Programs

While cutting funds for cleantech and environmental programs, the White House’s $4.4 trillion budget would increase the deficit by more than $7 trillion over time.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant, Julia Pyper
Grid Optimization 3
Reframing the conversation around markets for a clean, affordable and reliable electricity future.
Industry Perspective

It’s Time to Refine How We Talk About Wholesale Markets

How market design and underlying terminology favors conventional fuel-based generation—often at the expense of cheaper, cleaner technologies.

by Robbie Orvis and Mike O’Boyle
Solar Finance & VC 0
Cleantech VC Nancy Pfund believes that savvy policy chops lead to better investing choices.

Nancy Pfund’s Pro Tips for Getting Started in Cleantech

You’re never too young to be taken seriously.

by Julian Spector
Policy 13
Lawmakers incorporated energy credit extenders, but left out energy storage.

Trump Signs Budget Bill With Relief for ‘Orphan’ Energy Technologies

After a brief government shutdown, lawmakers passed a two-year budget deal that includes several key energy provisions.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Wind's operational patterns create very different profit opportunities for storage compared to solar.

Where’s the Money in Wind-Plus-Storage?

Sifting out real opportunities from hot air.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 26
Well-designed demand charges are viewed as a way to boost grid reliability.

What’s the Role for Demand Charges in Modern Rate Design?

The Alliance to Save Energy calls for the use of demand charges as an option for utilities facing the rise of solar and other forms of distributed energy.

by Jeff St. John
Upcoming Events
Energy 260
Are we ready to end the tribalism in energy?

Death to Tribalism: A Conversation With The Breakthrough Institute

In this week’s episode of The Interchange, we talk with Alex Trembath of the Breakthrough Institute about the “politics of possibility” in energy and climate.

by Stephen Lacey
Energy Storage 28
Tesla said residential solar deployments have been affected by a short supply of home batteries.

Tesla Plans to Triple Battery Deployments in 2018

But margins are pretty slim for the emerging energy storage division. Meanwhile, Tesla’s solar business continues to decline.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
Smart Homes/Smart Buildings 3
Nest will join with Google's hardware division.

Google Reshuffles to Bring Nest In-House

The smart thermostat company will no longer exist as a separate unit under Alphabet’s “other bets” group.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Utilities 1
The announcement represents a strategic move to simplify NRG's business.

NRG Sells Off Renewable Energy Business and South Central Assets

NRG insists the sale will not affect its commitment to providing “comprehensive energy solutions for corporate and residential customers.”

by Julia Pyper
Residential Solar 5
Tesla may soon sell solar roofs at Home Depot and Lowe's.

What Tesla’s Big-Box Retail Play Says About Its Place in the Solar Market

As Tesla’s solar business slows, it looks to Home Depot and Lowe’s for growth.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
Markets & Policy 43
2017 was a year of mixed success for the U.S. solar industry.

The US Solar Industry Records First Year of Job Losses

Looming tariffs, policy changes, customer fatigue and a “hangover” from 2016 all contributed to lower employment numbers in the latest National Solar Jobs Census.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
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