Can California Achieve 100% Renewable Electricity by 2040? Jerry Brown Thinks So

Can California Achieve 100% Renewable Electricity by 2040? Jerry Brown Thinks So

But it will take some major breakthroughs in energy storage and grid regionalization. Plus, some crafty resource planning amid the rise of community-choice aggregation.

by Julia Pyper |
Finance & VC 4
Bill Gates announced Breakthrough Energy Ventures’ initial focus areas for investment in Paris this week.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures Unveils Its 5-Part Investment Strategy

Details on the investment focus and talent driving Bill Gates’ big energy tech fund.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
A Feast of Batteries, A Storm of Storage

A Feast of Batteries, A Storm of Storage

Tales from GTM’s biggest storage event so far.

by Julian Spector |
Energy Storage 2
Germany led the world in behind-the-meter batteries in 2017.

Stories That Defined the Global Energy Storage Market in 2017

Australia, China and Germany offered some of the most compelling storylines.

by Jason Deign
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Policy 0
The tax conference committee closes in on a deal.

Repair to BEAT Provision Now Included in the Tax Bill

Senator John Thune says there’s a “tentative” fix that would save tax equity financing for renewable energy, but the final bill language remains uncertain.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Electric Vehicles 19
Electric vehicles will put the pressure on battery, oil and power demand.

3 Charts That Illustrate the Impact of EVs on Battery Supply, the Electric Grid and Oil Demand

“While this transformation would be extreme, it is not considered impossible.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 7
A new assessment adds to the weight of evidence that coal and nuclear plant retirements are not a threat to grid reliability.

Grid Reliability Authority Undercuts Perry’s Plan to Save Coal and Nukes in New Report

NERC’s latest 10-year forecast finds natural gas and renewables can cover the grid’s reliability needs as coal and nuclear plants close.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Optimization 5
Faraday Grid claims it can make conventional transformers obsolete.

Faraday Grid: A Mysterious Startup That Aims to Transform the Transformer

Faraday touts an energy router that can control power with “reliability and speed not previously achievable.” We may not get full details until at least February.

by Jason Deign
Energy Storage 0
Tokyo’s Tepco to Test Stem and Sunverge Behind-the-Meter Batteries as Virtual Power Plants

Tokyo’s Tepco to Test Stem and Sunverge Behind-the-Meter Batteries as Virtual Power Plants

Two California startups join mutual investor Mitsui to test a distributed energy storage solution for Japan’s post-Fukushima grid needs.

by Jeff St. John
Solar 1
Plant and portfolio size drive O&M consolidation.
GTM Research Spotlight

Solar PV O&M Landscapes Consolidate Globally

A new GTM Research report finds solar PV operations and maintenance markets are consolidating in key markets—but not at the same pace.

by Cedric Brehaut
Regulation & Policy 1
A look back at policy actions that shaped the U.S. electricity sector in 2017.
Industry Perspective

The Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2017

From performance-based regulation to wholesale market changes, AEE examines the most prominent grid edge policy actions of the year.

by Coley Girouard
Energy Storage 48
Natural-gas peaker plants may be on their way out.

Have We Reached Peak Peaker? ‘I Can’t See Why We Should Build a Gas Peaker After 2025’

The trend lines aren’t looking very good for natural-gas peaker plants.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Live broadcast of U.S. Energy Storage Summit 2017

Watch the Live Broadcast From US Energy Storage Summit 2017

GTM Squared live-streamed more than 9 hours of panels from the event in San Francisco on December 12 and 13.

by Nicholas Rinaldi |
Energy Storage 4
New funding could help ESS bring annual battery output to 900 megawatt-hours.

More Money Flows to Flow Batteries: ESS Nabs $13 Million Funding Round

The company wants to expand its annual iron flow battery production to 900 megawatt-hours.

by Julian Spector
Electric Vehicles 19
Mystery shoppers recently visited more than 140 dealerships to assess the EV sales experience.

US Auto Dealerships Are Bad at Selling Electric Vehicles, Study Finds

Researchers found the EV sales process is “wrought with inconsistencies.”

by Justin Gerdes
Batteries, Storage, and Fuel Cells 18
FuelCell Energy and Toyota will bring a hydrogen fuel project to the Port of Long Beach in 2020.

Toyota and FuelCell Energy Plan to Build a Giant Renewable Power and Hydrogen Plant

“A key step forward in Toyota’s work to develop a hydrogen society.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Off Grid/Energy Access 12
As workers repair Puerto Rico, a group of utilities say they have a plan for the island's future grid.

Group of Energy Heavyweights Unveils Plan for Puerto Rico’s Future Grid

It’ll take over $17 billion and a decade to complete.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 6
Rick Perry Gives FERC a 30-Day Reprieve on Coal, Nuclear Cost-Recovery Decision

Rick Perry Gives FERC a 30-Day Reprieve on Coal, Nuclear Cost-Recovery Decision

Energy Secretary Perry gives FERC more time, but repeats unsupported claims on grid security, as photo evidence of the coal industry’s influence on the DOE plan emerges.

by Jeff St. John
Solar-Plus-Storage 1
San Diego recently implemented new rates that shift the peak period later into the evening.
Industry Perspective

How California’s New Time-of-Use Rates Will Affect C&I Customers Considering Solar PV

Solar-plus-storage is now more attractive than standalone PV for many non-residential customers.

by Kevin Diau
Upcoming Events
Regulation & Policy 488
Europe re-evaluates how to decarbonize the energy sector.

If Renewables Aren’t Growing Fast Enough to Replace Nuclear, What Are Europe’s Options?

Experts weigh Europe’s options for decarbonization.

by Jason Deign
Utilities 1
Italian utility Enel plans to embrace the energy transition through acquisitions.

On an Acquisition Spree, Enel Keeps an Eye Out for More Distributed Energy Opportunities

The company rebrands its new solutions group as “Enel X.”

by Jason Deign
Regulation & Policy 7
Critics say the proposed rule could

New FERC Chairman Requests More Time to Weigh DOE’s Coal, Nuclear Rule

McIntyre has asked for another 30 days to review a controversial push for coal and nuclear cost recovery, as comments pass the 1,500 mark.

by Jeff St. John
NYISO’s Energy Storage Roadmap: A Plan to Match the State’s New Mandate

NYISO’s Energy Storage Roadmap: A Plan to Match the State’s New Mandate

How New York’s grid operator is planning to phase in new models for batteries and other storage systems to serve its grid reliability needs.

by Jeff St. John |
Off Grid/Energy Access 6
Africa's utilities are missing out on a big business opportunity.
GTM Research Spotlight

Living Under the Grid: 110 Million of Africa’s Unconnected Customers Represent a Massive Opportunity

More than one in every six African people without electricity access sits directly under it.

by Benjamin Attia and Rebekah Shirley
Off Grid/Energy Access 2
Con Edison utility workers helped New York survive Superstorm Sandy. Now they're at work in Puerto Rico.

New York Utilities Learned a Lot From Superstorm Sandy. Will That Help Them in Puerto Rico?

“We are well prepared and uniquely qualified to help them restore power.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
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