Saying Farewell to State Bulletin, Hello to Electrified Transportation

Saying Farewell to State Bulletin, Hello to Electrified Transportation

Some of the most important state policy topics and trends to watch as the clean energy transition continues to accelerate.

by Julia Pyper |
Comparing the IPCC’s Renewable Energy Scenarios With Current Growth Rates

Comparing the IPCC’s Renewable Energy Scenarios With Current Growth Rates

We’re on a path toward transforming the global energy system by 2035. And even that’s not enough.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant |
Electric Vehicles 19
This new version is cheaper, but it isn't the $35,000 Model 3 Tesla promised.

Tesla Model 3 Now Comes in a $45,000 ‘Mid-Range’ Version

Tesla has altered its entire pricing structure for the Model 3, along with the new 260-mile option.

by Julia Pyper
Electric Vehicles 108
Where things stand when it comes to Model 3 demand.

Will Tesla Model 3 Demand Blast Off in 2019? Or Fall Flat?

The Model 3 demand picture remains murky, with the bulls optimistic and the bears predicting doom.

by Eric Wesoff
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Finance & VC 4
Khashoggi's disappearance raises uncomfortable questions for companies doing business with Saudi Arabia.

What Does Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance Mean for Cleantech Firms With Saudi Money?

Saudi Arabia has invested billions in cleantech companies like Tesla and Lucid Motors.

by Julian Spector
Commercial & Industrial Energy 4
Corporate renewable energy buyers in the U.S. have set a new single-year record, with more growth still to come.

Corporate Renewable Energy Deals Smash Records in 2018

U.S. corporate renewables procurement is on track to surpass 5 gigawatts by December, according to the latest figures from RMI.

by Julia Pyper
Energy Storage 1
The long-term value of batteries is intimately tied to how effectively they’re managed.

Why Advanced Microgrid Solutions Is Bullish on Managing Australian Batteries

How a U.S. startup intends to put its software to use in Australia’s fast-growing energy storage market, from behind-the-meter to utility-scale.

by Jeff St. John
Electric Vehicles 8
In a few years, Tesla should be producing cars out of China.

Tesla Secures Land in China for Its Next Gigafactory

What’s happening at the other plants?

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Utilities 9
New York City is trying to cut natural gas consumption.

Can Non-Pipeline Alternatives Curb New York’s Rising Natural Gas Demand?

Con Edison wants to spend $305 million on measures to reduce peak natural gas demand in New York City—but it’s still pursuing new gas pipeline capacity.

by Justin Gerdes
Solar 1
What a New Order Means for Community Solar and Storage in Massachusetts
Research Spotlight

What a New Order Means for Community Solar and Storage in Massachusetts

A new bill credit mechanism gives Massachusetts community solar developers valuable certainty about how to structure savings in near-term contracts.

by Austin Perea, Chloe Holden
Utilities 5
The move is part of a major strategic restructuring that would also see ScottishPower investing $6.9 billion in renewables and cleantech.

Iberdrola’s ScottishPower Ditches All Fossil Fuel Generation for Renewables

With the sale of its fossil fuel and hydropower generation to Drax, ScottishPower will become the U.K.’s first vertically integrated power company to sell only wind.

by Jason Deign
Batteries, Storage & Fuel Cells 5
Fuel cell companies stand to benefit from California's 100% clean energy push.

Fuel Cell Power Plays From California to Kenya

A spate of California bills spell opportunity for stationary fuel cells; and for one sector startup, Kenya beckons.

by Matthew Klippenstein
Tracking Energy Storage Market Participation Under FERC Order 841

Tracking Energy Storage Market Participation Under FERC Order 841

Grid operators and the energy storage industry are deep in the weeds on implementing FERC’s landmark order. Here are some of the top challenges of integrating energy storage into transmission grid markets.

by Jeff St. John |
Markets & Policy 1
Illinois is going through its first solar growing pains.

Inside the ‘Chaos’ Enveloping Illinois’ Distributed Solar Market

At work on a fix, the state faces threats of “not only market confusion, but potentially market failure.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Showdown at Moss Landing

Showdown at Moss Landing

A landmark energy storage project is drawing fire from California’s ratepayer advocate.

by Julian Spector |
Featured Research
Electric Vehicles 15
Who will take the helm in Tesla's boardroom?

With Elon Musk Forced Out, Who Gets the Chairman Role at Tesla?

Can Musk outmaneuver James Murdoch for control of the EV leader?

by Eric Wesoff
Energy Storage 52
The company already increased the Powerwall price earlier this year.

Tesla Hikes Powerwall Prices to Better Reflect ‘Value’

The global price adjustment comes as Tesla struggles to keep up with Powerwall demand.

by Julia Pyper
Regulation & Policy 4
“We are updating the PCIA formula now because everyone agrees it is broken.

California to Hike Fees for Community Choice Aggregators, Direct Access Providers

CPUC says the PCIA change will balance utility and CCA costs. CCAs say it will burden them unfairly and stifle growth.

by Jeff St. John
Mobility 13
More countries are banning internal combustion vehicles.

How Internal Combustion Engines Will Die Out in Eurasia

Danish ban adds to list of countries looking to phase out fossil-fuel vehicles. A set of maps shows where and when those phaseouts will occur.

by Jason Deign
Upcoming Events
Grid Edge 0
Energy Jobs: Shakeups at GE, Tesla; McNamee Closer to FERC

Energy Jobs: Shakeups at GE, Tesla; McNamee Closer to FERC

Executive and boardroom moves in cleantech, utilities, energy and venture capital.

by Katherine Tweed
Regulation & Policy 0
A new ruling reopens access to long-available data.

California Utilities Ordered to Reopen Grid Maps

Regulators have resolved a conflict between utilities and distributed energy resource providers over grid edge data access—for now.

by Jeff St. John
Electric Vehicles 0
Three Chinese EV firms alone raised a total of $1.9 billion last quarter.

EV Company Fundings Help Drive Clean Energy Investment in Q3 2018

Electric vehicles and offshore wind emerge as bright spots in a slower global investment quarter, according to new figures from Bloomberg NEF.

by Julia Pyper
Policy 39
Among the proposed changes: up to 97 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2050.

IPCC: Renewables to Supply 70%-85% of Electricity by 2050 to Avoid Worst Impacts of Climate Change

The United Nations confronts a future with “the slimmest of opportunities remaining to avoid unthinkable damage.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
The Energy Gang live in New York City.

Energy Gang Live: Are We Making Progress?

And by what standard?

by Stephen Lacey
Research & Analysis 18
America's demand flexibility is growing bigger and more diverse.
Research Spotlight

US Will Have 88 Gigawatts of Residential Demand Flexibility by 2023

Grid-connected devices can help alter load shape, but the future hinges on customer demand, rate design and incentives.

by Chloe Holden