Solar 2
Regulators want to scrutinize the utility's actions in launching a study that could delay the state's solar installation goal.

Massachusetts Regulators Audit National Grid Over Concerns with Management

The utility will have to explain its choices in launching a study that could delay a gigawatt of distributed solar.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Energy Storage 25
Technicians emptying out the battery modules they removed from the site of the fire. (Credit: APS)

The Arizona Battery Explosion Is Changing Conventional Wisdom on Safety

Six months later, GTM gets an exclusive update from APS and Fluence on an event that’s forcing a new look at grid battery engineering.

by Julian Spector
Energy 0
Shell Energy now supplies nearly one million U.K. households.

Shell Acquires Renewables-Only Power Retailer in UK

Oil major buys Hudson Energy, which supplies 200,000 households with power from renewable PPAs.

by John Parnell
Grid Edge 80
It's a nerve-wracking week for California's electricity consumers.

California on Edge as PG&E’s Power Outage Plan Goes Into Effect

Biggest fire-prevention power outage in state’s history puts spotlight on bankrupt utility responsible for last year’s deadly Camp Fire blaze.

by Jeff St. John
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Grid Edge 3
Bright idea: Off-grid companies are moving away from vertically integrated models. (Credit: Bboxx)

4 Reasons Why Off-Grid Energy Is Grown-Up and Ready to Scale

Industry leaders at GTM’s Off-Grid Energy Access Forum on why the stars are aligning for “the next billion” electricity customers.

by John Parnell
Grid Edge 6
Setting sun? Faraday Grid was placed under the control of insolvency administrators in August.

What Went Wrong at Faraday Grid?

Ex-CEO Andrew Scobie is said to have bought the insolvent firm’s intellectual property amid lingering concerns over his leadership.

by Jason Deign
Grid Edge 33
Conversations about on-route charging are fading as batteries pack more punch. (Credit: Proterra)

3 Trends Making the Case for Bus Electrification

Proterra’s CCO on why the electric bus pitch keeps getting more compelling, as the company bags its 100th customer.

by Julian Spector
Grid Edge 102
Overhaul: Some of PacifiCorp's coal plants face an accelerated retirement under the new plan.

PacifiCorp Embraces Massive Renewables Build-Out, Early Coal Retirements

Six-state utility includes solar, storage in draft plan for least-cost portfolio. But coal retirements face a political battle in Wyoming.

by Jeff St. John
Off Grid/Energy Access 6
Xavier Helgesen talks about the challenges of building a solar-storage startup in Tanzania.

Watt It Takes: The Startup Working to Make Solar-Storage Better Than the African Grid

In this edition of our founder interview series: Xavier Helgesen, co-founder of Zola Electric, talks about rethinking off-grid energy products.

by Stephen Lacey
Efficiency 0
At your service.
Industry Perspective

Energy Efficiency as a Service: Having Cake and Eating It Too

While not a new concept, the EEaaS model is gaining momentum as new entrants join the market.

by Joseph Aamidor
Solar 2
This year's SPI drew energy from climate protests taking place around the world.

Smart Energy Week Recap: Notes From the Show Floor

The U.S. solar industry united around blossoming storage technologies and the push for an ITC extension in Utah.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant and Julian Spector
Solar 17
The craft beer industry could be an ideal market for solar thermal technology to edge out natural gas.

Using Solar to Displace Fossil Fuels for Process Heat in Industrial Facilities

Farms, factories and other industrial businesses require a lot of heat. Solar thermal startup Skyven Technologies wants to help.

by Justin Gerdes
Grid Edge 15
Connected: Amazon delivers from 80 fulfillment centers in North America today. (Credit: Amazon)
Research Spotlight

4 Takeaways From Amazon’s Huge Electric Delivery Van Order

Will 100,000 plugged-in delivery vans break the grid? No, but the Amazon-Rivian deal does pose questions for utilities.

by Ben Kellison
Grid Edge 0
Range anxiety? There's a subscription for that. (Credit: Shutterstock)

EV Charging Firms Create Roaming Network in UK

Interoperability deal could make life easier for EV drivers, but not all big charging networks are on board.

by John Parnell
Seven of California's 10 most destructive wildfires have occurred since 2013.
Industry Perspective

Recent Changes to California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program, Explained

A CPUC commissioner breaks down California’s attempt to help wildfire-vulnerable communities gain access to batteries.

by Clifford Rechtschaffen
Tune in for the live broadcast of Blockchain in Energy Forum 2019.

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by Nicholas Rinaldi |
Solar 5
“No one has unleashed the power of TV on the space,

An Unusual Plan for Lowering Solar’s Customer Acquisition Costs: Infomercials

Recent solar and storage entrant Generac believes it can generate sales leads on the cheap through the old-fashioned TV ad.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Grid Edge 5
The software pulls generators out of the market when prices go red. (Credit: AMS)

AMS Makes Money for Wind Farms by Turning Them Off

The commercial storage pioneer’s new AI-assisted power trading software has racked up 2,000 megawatts under contract in Australia.

by Julian Spector
Solar 0
Scatec Solar CEO says PV can deliver power at half the price of diesel in Africa.

Scatec Solar Takes Aim at Diesel With PV Leases and Re-Deployable Systems

Emerging markets specialist sees huge opportunity for sub-25 MW solar plants.

by Jason Deign
Solar 0
Don't forget the conference snacks.

Your Solar Cheat Sheet: What You Need to Sound Smart at SPI

Solar stocks are hot again, the ITC hangs in the balance, and politicians are actually talking about climate change. Get ready for a busy week.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Solar 8
The 18-deal package covers wind and solar projects across the U.S., Europe and South America.

‘Largest Ever’: Google Announces 1.6GW of Renewables Purchases

Big clean energy announcements from Google and Amazon come a day ahead of planned climate-inspired walkouts at the tech giants.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Grid Edge 2
V2G could mean big money for EV fleet operators. (Shutterstock)

Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Puts Businesses in Driver’s Seat of EV Revolution

V2G technologies and their income streams mean businesses more than consumers could drive EV adoption.

by John Parnell
Energy 20
Raising the bar: Duke CEO Lynn Good.

Duke Energy Vows to Eliminate Its Carbon Emissions by 2050

The utility will lean heavily on gas and renewables in the medium term. Beyond 2030, big questions remain.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 9
A firefighter watches a 2017 blaze in California. (California National Guard/Flickr)

California Supercharges Battery Incentive for Wildfire-Vulnerable Homes

A boosted $1-per-watt incentive will cover nearly the entire cost of a Tesla Powerwall home battery system.

by Jeff St. John
Solar 1
An Ikea partner invested in U.S. solar plants for the first time this week. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Corporations Drive Greater Share of US Solar Procurements

Growth in corporate deals a “particularly striking” trend, as Wood Mackenzie outlines record-high U.S. utility-scale solar pipeline.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
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