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Generac, the Backup Generator Giant, Launches Souped-Up Home Solar-Storage System

Generac, the Backup Generator Giant, Launches Souped-Up Home Solar-Storage System

Compared to home battery rivals like Tesla and Sunrun, Generac is focused on offering extra oomph for customers concerned about reliability.

by Jeff St. John
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BP has promised to stop exploring for oil in new countries and rapidly ramp up its low-carbon investments.
Industry Perspective

2030 Is the New 2050: The Oil Industry Begins to Unwind

BP’s plan to reduce oil production is seismic because of what it says about the decade past and the decade to come, the authors write.

by Tom Steyer and Bill McKibben
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Why Doesn’t Load Flexibility Have the Same Incentives as Energy Storage?
Industry Perspective

Why Doesn’t Load Flexibility Have the Same Incentives as Energy Storage?

Load flexibility can deliver the same value as behind-the-metter batteries at a much lower cost, the author writes.

by John Powers
Policy 9
Seba believes technology disruptions in the next 10 years will have a profound impact on human civlization.

How Distributed Energy Could Help Usher In a New ‘Age of Freedom’

On this week’s Political Climate, we speak to futurist and entrepreneur Tony Seba about the emergence of a new world order based on decentralization and why the 2020s will be “the most disruptive decade in history.”

by Julia Pyper
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The Boston Common in wintertime. Utility Eversource is studying geothermal technologies for low-carbon heating.

Massachusetts Pilot Project Offers Gas Utilities a Possible Path to Survival

Utility Eversource is partnering on Boston-area district geothermal pilots as the state contemplates a gas-free future for buildings.

by Justin Gerdes
Grid Edge 1
ChargePoint, whose backers include Chevron, operates the world's largest network of EV chargers.

ChargePoint Raises Another $127M as EV Charging Wars Heat Up

Latest round brings ChargePoint’s total funding to $660 million, as it competes with deep-pocketed rivals such as BP Chargemaster and Shell’s Greenlots.

by Jeff St. John
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A 300 kW/1,200 kWh installation in New Jersey is one of the early projects Eos uses to show market traction. (Photo: Eos)

Zinc Battery Startup Eos Kept Afloat in a Lithium-Ion World. Is It Ready for the Public Markets?

Even with deeper pockets, New Jersey-based Eos faces a tough battle against today’s dominant battery technology.

by Julian Spector
Energy 26
Germany's Uniper plans to convert some of its gas storage and generation facilities to hydrogen. (Credit: Uniper)

Who Will Own the Hydrogen Future: Oil Companies or Utilities?

Utilities NextEra, Iberdrola and Uniper have all launched recent forays into green hydrogen, challenging a sector dominated by oil companies.

by John Parnell
Grid Edge 2
PG&E claims it's on track to meet its 2020 wildfire mitigation goals.

Post-Bankruptcy PG&E Claims Progress on Wildfire Safety, Blackout Mitigation

Fire-prevention blackouts will be “smarter, shorter and smaller” this year, CEO Bill Smith says, as the California utility reports its first post-bankruptcy earnings.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 4
Northern California community-choice aggregators target 6,000 homes for batteries to ride through blackouts.

Sunrun Lands Contract for 20MW Backup Battery-Solar Project in Blackout-Prone California

It will be one of the largest solar-battery aggregations for grid services to date, and the deployment timeline is aggressive.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 2
San Antonio's municipal utility wants to more than double its solar capacity to meet its goal of net-zero carbon by 2050.

Texas Utility CPS Energy Kicks Off Search for More Than 1GW of Clean Resources

The utility plans to add 900 MW of solar, 50 MW of storage and 500 MW of undefined resources to replace natural gas.

by Jeff St. John
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Northvolt Ett, the firm's first gigafactory, is on track to begin operations next year. (Credit: Northvolt)

Swedish Battery Maker Northvolt Raises $1.6B, First Gigafactory Set to Open in 2021

European auto giants such as Volkswagen and BMW are counting on local battery makers as they accelerate their EV plans.

by John Parnell
Energy 13
In 2019, California mandated solar on most new homes. Next up: building electrification.

California Nears Tipping Point on All-Electric Regulations for New Buildings

Even utility PG&E, with its thousands of miles of natural-gas distribution pipelines, is calling for ending gas hookups for new buildings.

by Justin Gerdes
Solar 6
How Should Europe Decarbonize? Depends Who You Ask

How Should Europe Decarbonize? Depends Who You Ask

There are many different pathways to choose from. What do the models say?

by Jason Deign
Grid Edge 0
Hospitals, factories and other customers are increasingly interested in microgrids in markets such as wildfire-prone Northern California.

Coronavirus Slows US Microgrid Market Despite Growing Need for Resilience

Microgrid installations in the first half of 2020 fell to their lowest point in four years, according to Wood Mackenzie.

by Jeff St. John
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Stimulus packages in Europe and China boosted subsidies for EVs and charging infrastructure.
Research Spotlight

WoodMac: V-Shaped Recovery for Distributed Energy Resources in 2021

The pandemic has dented the DER market, but some segments — including electric vehicles and grid modernization — may benefit in the long run.

by Francesco Menonna
Energy 5
FERC's Republican majority has voted for policies that could disadvantage clean energy resources in wholesale markets.

Trump Administration Announces Long-Delayed Nomination of Democrat to FERC

The nomination of NRDC attorney Allison Clements and Virginia utility regulator Mark Christie could restore political balance to key federal agency.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 4
A Microsoft data center under construction in the Netherlands in 2020.

Microsoft Eyes New Tool in Decarbonization Quest: Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen could fill a role similar to batteries for data center operators looking to kick their diesel habit.

by Karl-Erik Stromsta
Grid Edge 5
Southern California Edison, along with partners Smarter Grid Solutions and Opus One, are testing a marketplace for distributed energy to balance the grid.

Opus One Tests ‘Transactive Energy’ for California Rooftop Solar, Behind-the-Meter Batteries

The Southern California Edison project will dispatch real-time grid-stabilizing price signals.

by Jeff St. John
Solar 7
Switch's Citadel data center will source power from a next-door solar-storage project. (Image: Switch)

World’s Largest Customer-Sited Solar-Storage Plant Planned for Nevada Desert

Capital Dynamics is building a massive solar-plus-storage plant next to a Switch data center. Is the model replicable?

by Julian Spector
Long-term renewables PPAs are becoming rarer in the U.S. market. (Image: Scout Clean Energy)
Industry Perspective

The Long and Short of It: When Planning Cycles Go From 20 Years to Next-Day

As long-term PPAs become scarcer, integrating renewables into wholesale markets requires new levels of flexibility, the author writes.

by Rahul Kar
Solar 22
A draft 2020 platform from Democrats includes gigawatts of wind and solar additions in coming years.

Democrats’ Platform Draft: Near-Term Renewables Surge, Net-Zero by 2050

The draft platform calls for 500 million solar panels and 60,000 wind turbines in five years. There’s no mention of phasing out fossil fuels.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
A New Model for Valuing Distributed Energy Could Drive Big Changes in California

A New Model for Valuing Distributed Energy Could Drive Big Changes in California

California’s new avoided-cost calculator has important implications for the state’s energy market — including the solar duck curve.

by Jeff St. John |
Solar 9
Tesla plans to build a new Gigafactory for vehicles in Austin, Texas.

Tesla’s Solar Installations Hit New Low, but Musk Predicts Huge Future for Energy Business

Coronavirus disruptions affected Tesla less than they did traditional automakers in Q2. Its solar business wasn’t so lucky.

by Julian Spector
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Moixa and Honda will roll-out the e:PROGRESS smart charging platform in Europe this year. (Credit: Honda)

UK Storage Startup Moixa Raises $6M to Fuel ‘Exponential Growth’ Plans

Moixa’s AI-based energy storage management platform has grown rapidly in Japan. Next up: Europe and the U.S.

by John Parnell