Markets & Policy 3
Why California needs more wholesale distributed generation.
Industry Perspective

To Unleash Wholesale Distributed Generation, We Must Streamline Interconnection

The interconnection process in California is broken, but it can be fixed with a few simple measures.

by Craig Lewis
What Should Energy Storage Ask From Congress?

What Should Energy Storage Ask From Congress?

The industry has gained national attention. A few ideas on what it can do with that opportunity.

by Julian Spector |
Commercial & Industrial Energy 0
Since Duke acquired REC Solar, the two have worked on microgrid projects and a solar farm in Hawaii.

A Look at Duke’s REC Solar Acquisition, Six Months In

With its REC acquisition complete, Duke Energy Renewables steers the company toward corporate customers, asset ownership and even microgrids.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 11
On the whole, studies say that regionalization would lead to greater job growth in California.

New Report Highlights the Benefits and Drawbacks of Regionalizing California’s Grid

A controversial plan to expand grid markets throughout the Western U.S. gets a generally positive review in a new report—but with important warnings attached.

by Jeff St. John
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Electric Vehicles 14
New York utilities think electric cars are a good way to engage with their customers.

Con Edison and National Grid Want to Help You Buy an Electric Car

Can a digital cost-comparison service counteract declining load growth?

by Julian Spector
Blockchain 8
Could blockchain transform the electricity sector? New York utilities think so.
Industry Perspective

New York Utilities: We Believe Blockchain Is ‘Transformative’

Avangrid, Con Edison, National Grid, the New York Power Authority and Indigo Advisory Group describe the many attractive use cases for blockchain.

by Avangrid, Con Edison, National Grid, New York Power Authority, Indigo Advisory Group
Off Grid/Energy Access 37
With resilience still relevant, clean energy companies consider off-grid solutions.

Will Natural Disasters Boost the Case for Grid Defection?

Clean energy companies note an increased appetite for off-grid solutions, while utilities fight to stay connected.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Markets & Policy 3
It's easy to forget how much has changed in a relatively short period of time.

No Longer a Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across the US

A new report documents the democratization of renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles in America.

by Julia Pyper
Energy Storage 2
Industry members make the case for R&D funding, tax credits, a federal energy storage road map and more.

Energy Storage Gets Its Day in Congress

The House Energy and Commerce Committee invited experts to testify on what federal storage policy should look like.

by Julian Spector
Finance & VC 1
We track investments in EV charging, next-generation batteries and experimental carbon capture technologies.

Funding Roundup: Flow Batteries, Free EV Charging, Carbon Capture and ‘Light-as-a-Service’

Volta raises $32 million, VionX lands $26 million, and an $11 million round for Inventys—plus financing for Vivint Solar, Sunlight Financial and UrbanVolts.

by Jeff St. John
Smart Homes/Smart Buildings 3
GTM recently spoke to the head of energy partnerships at Nest about reintegrating with Google.

Nest Merges With Google Home Division as CEO Steps Down

From voice control to DER management systems and more—here’s what Nest is working on now.

by Julia Pyper
Electric Vehicles 20
RMI analysts rip apart a new critical report of electric cars.
Industry Perspective

Another Study Argues Electric Cars Are Bad for the Environment. It’s Demonstrably False

Are EVs bad? Only if you cherry-pick data, rely on discredited projections, and ignore CO2, write RMI analysts.

by Lynn Daniels Edward J. Klock-McCook
Blockchain 7
LO3 announces a new partnership to standardize data in energy blockchains.

LO3 Energy Teams Up With Energy Web Foundation on Energy Blockchain Data Standard

Two big-time blockchain players unite to push the nascent industry forward.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Solar-Plus-Storage 20
Reports indicate lengthy wait times for the Powerwall and Solar Roof.
Industry Perspective

A Breakdown of Tesla’s Solar and Storage Delays and Deliveries

Tesla responds to negative reviews, plus a timeline of the Powerwall rollout and an estimate of deliveries to date.

by Eric Wesoff
GTM Squared Live! A Grid Edge Roundtable

GTM Squared Live! A Grid Edge Roundtable

GTM Squared’s quarterly roundtable will take us into the mind of our resident grid edge expert, Jeff St. John.

by Jeff St. John |
Off Grid/Energy Access 0
Facing privatization, PREPA loses nearly all its board members.

Puerto Rico’s Utility Faces Executive Shakeup

Under political pressure, the utility loses five board members and its new CEO.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Residential Solar 0
Rooftop solar advocates hope to find a solution for when the legislature comes back in session.

South Carolina Solar Companies Seek Compromise Deal as Net Metering Caps Hit

Duke Energy Carolinas has reached its 2 percent limit for net-metered solar systems.

by Julia Pyper
The Case for State Clean Energy Standards

The Case for State Clean Energy Standards

A report by Third Way and The Breakthrough Institute argues states should adopt portfolio standards for a broad set of low-carbon resources.

by Julia Pyper |
Electric Vehicles 3
This Week in Tesla: New Gigafactory Coming to Shanghai, Tax Credit Going Away, Trade War Hits

This Week in Tesla: New Gigafactory Coming to Shanghai, Tax Credit Going Away, Trade War Hits

National and international developments buffeted the electric automaker.

by Julian Spector
Upcoming Events
Grid Optimization 28
How Utilities Can Align 20-Year Resource Plans With Distributed Solar, EVs and More

How Utilities Can Align 20-Year Resource Plans With Distributed Solar, EVs and More

IRPs can, and must, move at the speed of distributed technology.

by GTM Creative Strategies
Policy 9
Tesla's Model 3s face a new challenge in Ontario.

Ontario’s Clean Energy Rollback Continues as It Cuts EV Program

New government also pledges to oppose “carbon tax schemes in all of their forms.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 9
A California utility gets serious about all-electric buildings.

Here’s How One Utility Is Thinking About Mainstreaming All-Electric Buildings

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District suggests policy fixes to advance building decarbonization in California and beyond.

by Justin Gerdes
Regulation & Policy 7
Distributed energy companies are breathing a sigh of relief in California.

Regulators Rescue Southern California Edison’s 125MW Pilot for Distributed Grid Resources

One of the state’s biggest DER procurements won’t get canceled after all. But its outcomes for state grid-DER integration policy are far from certain.

by Jeff St. John
Electric Vehicles 21
We take a ride through the history of audacious EV startup Better Place.

Reflections on Better Place, Cleantech’s Most Dramatic Business Failure

In this week’s Energy Gang: We look back on Better Place’s crazy ride from 2007 to 2012.

by Stephen Lacey
BOS/Inverters 1
The move will put the company into conflict with new and larger adversaries.

SolarEdge Is Chasing Several New Markets. Utility-Scale Solar Is the Latest

The inverter company has expanded simultaneously into smart homes, uninterruptible power and virtual power plants.

by Julian Spector