This article dives deeper into the vendor landscape. Using Energy Star data from the past 6 years, a number of trends emerge about the key vendors providing BEMS software capabilities.

Building Energy Management in 2018, Part 2: The Top 20 Vendors

Which companies hold the lion’s share of the BEMS market? And which are growing fastest?

by Joseph Aamidor |
Markets & Policy 0
Energy Jobs: New Execs at SEIA, Trump’s Coal-Friendly FERC Pick, Plus RMI, Tesla and More

Energy Jobs: New Execs at SEIA, Trump’s Coal-Friendly FERC Pick, Plus RMI, Tesla and More

Executive and boardroom moves in cleantech, utilities, energy and venture capital.

by Katherine Tweed
Grid Optimization 2
The Sempra software subsidiary is trying to change the game for distributed resource management.

Pxise Lands Investment From Mitsui to Expand Real-Time Grid Balancing Software

The Japanese giant takes a 20 percent stake in the Sempra subsidiary and seeks new markets for grid control software in the U.S. and abroad.

by Jeff St. John
This is the first in a GTM Squared series on the companies, technologies, applications and opportunities in the U.S. building energy management market.

Building Energy Management in 2018, Part 1: Quantifying a Fragmented Industry

Using Energy Star and CBECS data, we’re setting out to quantify the market for building energy management systems and its future growth prospects.

by Joseph Aamidor |
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Electric Vehicles 0
The company just started making deliveries of its first volume-manufactured vehicle, the ES8 SUV, in June 2018.

Chinese EV Startup Nio Files for $1.8 Billion IPO, as Tesla Wrestles With Privatization

Nio is setting itself up to ride China’s surging growth in vehicle electrification.

by Eric Wesoff
Electric Vehicles 20
Charging infrastructure for EVs has created a new web of market players.

Oil Owns Gas Stations. Who Will Own EV Charging Stations?

Utilities, oil companies and technology developers are all eyeing the space—but the high cost means no one has taken the lead.

by Jason Deign
Utilities 31
Midwestern utilities pledge a greater focus on clean energy.

Midwest Utilities Contemplate a Future Less Reliant on Coal

Utilities eye more renewables, even as they weigh keeping fossil fuels as a baseload resource.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 1
Military leaders haven't stopped thinking about climate risks.

Trump Signs Military Funding Bill That Includes Focus on Energy, Climate Security

While the Trump administration denies climate change, U.S. armed forces are preparing for energy and climate resiliency.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 58
Wind turbines on the island of Graciosa in the Azores, with just under 5,000 inhabitants and a peak load of just 3 megawatts.

The Key to Unlocking ‘Renewables as Baseload’ Is the Control System

Will software decouple from hardware as hybrid energy systems proliferate?

by GTM Creative Strategies
Electric Vehicles 28
Is Musk really taking Tesla private?

A Timeline of Tesla’s Privatization Saga

Elon still hasn’t proved that he has the funding.

by Eric Wesoff
Off Grid/Energy Access 2
Around 50 developers have listed projects on the Odyssey platform.

Odyssey Energy Seeks $500M to Build Out Pipeline of 550 Mini-Grids

Investment platform plans to fund projects across 21 countries.

by Jason Deign
Electric Vehicles 10
Is Ample looking at battery swapping?

Ample Raises $31M: A Better Place Clone, or a New Way to Charge Electric Cars?

Ample is getting support from Shell for “autonomous robotics” charging. Is the company following in the footsteps of Better Place?

by Ben Gaddy
Policy 26
While the administration has gone officially silent, work on the coal and nuclear bailout is taking place behind the scenes.

Trump Admin’s Push for Coal, Nuke Bailout Reflected in Key Staff Positions at Federal Agencies

Plans to nominate a pro-coal partisan for FERC commissioner, partisan comments from FERC’s chief of staff, and more evidence of political pressure at DOE.

by Jeff St. John
Electric Vehicles 2
The rollout of charging infrastructure will vary widely according to geography.

Up to 40 Million EV Charging Points Forecast Worldwide by 2030

A new report from GTM Research maps the growth of EV charging points around the globe.

by Jason Deign
Utilities 36
PG&E considers the future for the utility and California.

PG&E Reflects on ‘Huge Uncertainty’ Created by California’s Wildfires

The utility faces financial stress as California burns.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Batteries, Storage & Fuel Cells 5
The company's second-quarter results were strong when it came to revenue -- and repeated the usual story when it came to losses.

Bloom Energy Doubles Quarterly Revenue, Losses Continue

While CEO K.R. Sridhar recovers from a misstep.

by Eric Wesoff
Regulation & Policy 3
It’s likely Aliso Canyon may be called upon again in the near future -- even as agencies look at ways to replace it.

SoCal Gas Reaches Aliso Canyon Settlement as Costs Top $1 Billion

A new $120 million settlement doesn’t help meet summer or winter energy demand—or settle the Southern California gas storage hub’s uncertain future.

by Jeff St. John
Regulation & Policy 1
Many focused on the unprecedented interference into state energy policies that the recent FERC order represents.

Stakeholders Across the Spectrum Ask FERC to Reconsider Its PJM Capacity Market Ruling

Clean energy advocates, power plant owners and states fear FERC overstepped its bounds in demanding a remake of country’s biggest capacity market.

by Jeff St. John
The Grid Storage Plant of the Future

The Grid Storage Plant of the Future

Today’s storage success stories will look like toys compared to what’s coming in the next decade.

by Julian Spector |
Upcoming Events
Wind Projects 5
The U.S. wind market shows no sign of slowing as customers and developers look to take advantage of tax credits -- while they last.

US Wind Industry ‘Full Steam Ahead’ Despite Wind Catcher Cancellation

Case in point: new projects on the way from Apple and PacifiCorp.

by Julia Pyper
Finance & VC 6
Musk claims $420 is the magic number for a buyout.

Elon Musk Weighs Taking Tesla Private in a Tweet, Shares Go Soaring

Musk may have just pulled off a huge coup—or could be facing an SEC investigation.

by Eric Wesoff
Commercial & Industrial Energy 0
Aegis installs and operates small-scale, gas-fired CHP systems in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic U.S.

EDF’s Dalkia Boosts C&I Offering With CHP Purchase

Aegis Energy Services acquisition gives Dalkia “a wider range of services.”

by Jason Deign
Off Grid/Energy Access 4
It's been a long

Puerto Rico’s Electricity Sales Have Rebounded—Almost

About 100 customers still need their service restored.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Energy Efficiency 7
Could getting rid of gas-powered heaters end up being costly?

What Will Building Electrification Mean for Consumers and the Climate?

Two recent reports look at the economics and climate performance of switching from fossil fuels to electricity in space and water heating.

by Justin Gerdes
Energy Storage 9
Proximity to Europe’s auto giants is a key factor.

Battery Manufacturers Fight for a Foothold in Europe

Recent moves by Tesla and CATL add to an increasingly busy market for battery manufacturing across Europe.

by Jason Deign