State Policy Actions to Watch For in 2018, Part 2

State Policy Actions to Watch For in 2018, Part 2

Another look at what’s to come for state-level clean energy policy.

by Julia Pyper |
WePower Expansion Hints at Adoption of Blockchain for Energy Trading

WePower Expansion Hints at Adoption of Blockchain for Energy Trading

A growing list of blockchain startups are eyeing energy trades.

by Jason Deign
Storage Is Displacing Peakers. Is That Any Cause for Concern?

Storage Is Displacing Peakers. Is That Any Cause for Concern?

We’ve heard about the benefits. Time to delve into potential drawbacks.

by Julian Spector |
Mobility 34
Commercial electric airplanes could soon take to the skies.

Electric Airplanes Could Remake Aviation

On this week’s episode of The Energy Gang podcast: how electrified aviation could transform regional transportation.

by Stephen Lacey
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Energy Storage 11
ZincNyx Energy Solutions says it has a new zinc-based flow battery.

ZincNyx Plans Flow Battery Mass Production Within a Year

The MGX Minerals subsidiary is in the final design phase after overcoming a dendrite problem.

by Jason Deign
Grid Edge 3
The emergence of new business models will help open the microgrid market to individual businesses.
GTM Research Spotlight

New Business Models Gain Strength With Renewed Interest in Microgrids

Mixed ownership can be a solution for overcoming regulatory and financial barriers in microgrid implementation.

by Colleen Metelitsa
Grid Optimization 17
Utilities so far have failed to use distribution-grid-level power electronics much beyond the pilot phase.

Gridco Shuts Down Its Digital Grid Controls Business

Utilities aren’t buying enough grid edge power electronics devices to keep Gridco in business. Now its IP and technology are up for sale.

by Jeff St. John
A proposed gas plant in Michigan has become a flashpoint in the debate over renewables' ability to serve grid reliability.

Solar Industry Tries to Stop a New 1.1GW Gas Plant in Michigan

But can they convince regulators that solar, wind and energy efficiency are just as reliable as a natural-gas plant?

by Julian Spector
Off Grid/Energy Access 0
Husk Power Systems picks up $20 million to scale its minigrid platform.

Shell Technology Ventures Leads $20 Million Investment in Minigrid Specialist Husk

It appears to be the highest funding round ever for a minigrid firm.

by Jason Deign
Electric Vehicles 12
PG&E rolls out its program for 7,500 EV chargers across Northern and Central California.

PG&E Launches Country’s Largest Utility-Sponsored EV Charging Program

The pilot program will introduce 7,500 electric car chargers in California. More utility electrification initiatives to come.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
A Quest to Define and Value Grid Resilience

A Quest to Define and Value Grid Resilience

What’s coming from FERC’s new resilience docket—and how it could play into larger debates on how to design the grid for clean and reliable energy.

by Jeff St. John |
Regulation & Policy 8
America is grappling with how to promote and define resiliency on the electric grid.

Bomb Cyclone and NOPR Redux: What the Grid Really Needs

On this week’s episode of The Interchange: the next step in the evolving conversation about grid resiliency, reliability and flexibility.

by Stephen Lacey
Smart Grid 38
What will it take to electrify everything across the U.S. economy?

What Does the ‘Electrification of Everything’ Look Like in America? NREL Plans to Find Out

Over the next two years, NREL and its research partners will study electrification in buildings, transportation and industry.

by Justin Gerdes
Software & Analytics 0
Bidgely Raises $27 Million to Scale Energy Disaggregation for Utilities

Bidgely Raises $27 Million to Scale Energy Disaggregation for Utilities

Bidgely lands major utility contracts and analyzes loads for 10 million homes.

by Jeff St. John
Finance & VC 5
China sees an

China More Than Doubles America’s 2017 Investments in Clean Energy, in a ‘Runaway’ Year

The market in China continues to expand, accounting for half the globe’s 2017 investments in solar.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Smart Grid 3
The ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’ Chip Vulnerabilities Could Affect Grid Hardware

The ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’ Chip Vulnerabilities Could Affect Grid Hardware

“Anyone operating infrastructure should assume they are vulnerable.”

by Jason Deign
Energy Storage 34
Lithium-ion batteries may not be the dominant storage technology for too much longer.

The Promise and Challenge of Scaling Lithium Metal Batteries

While breakthroughs could be a decade away, the lithium metal battery could offer a major leap in capability for electric vehicles and the grid.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
Regulation & Policy 12
The decision will test how energy storage competes with existing gas plant economics.

PG&E Must Solicit Energy Storage and DERs to Replace 3 Existing Gas Plants

Regulators rejected an effort to secure lucrative payments for the uneconomical Calpine gas plants.

by Julian Spector
Regulation & Policy 0
Dispute resolution is essential for the smooth interconnection of distributed energy resources.
Industry Perspective

Bringing It All Together: The Importance of Dispute Resolution in the Interconnection Process

The 9th and final post in IREC’s interconnection series addresses a widespread issue: dispute resolution.

by Erica McConnell and Laura Beaton
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Electric Vehicles 8
Nissan's latest battery investment could lead to the

Nissan-Renault Insists It’s ‘Not Going to Relinquish’ Leadership on Electric Mobility

The Alliance just launched a $1 billion fund for next-gen automotive technology. Will it be enough to stay ahead of the curve?

by Julia Pyper
Within months of the record-setting solar-plus-storage PPA in Arizona, Colorado took things to a new low.

How Did Xcel’s Colorado Bids for Solar and Wind With Batteries Get So Darn Low?

The combination of storage and renewables has never looked this competitive.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 82
Regulators did not rule in line with a stakeholder settlement.

Diablo Canyon to Close Without Clean Energy Guarantees

The plan for closing California’s last nuclear plant slashes a proposed budget for worker retraining—and has “no explicit provision” for zero-carbon replacements.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 15
Experts weigh in on the top themes in energy storage.
GTM Research Spotlight

The Next 5 Years in Energy Storage, According to 500 Energy Professionals

Live attendee poll results from Greentech Media’s 2017 Energy Storage Summit crowdsourced insights panel.

by Dan Finn-Foley
The energy storage market has a bright future.

All the Ups and Downs From the Year in Energy Storage

Transcript: Stephen and Shayle recap the energy storage market’s big year. Then Stephen sits down with GMP’s Mary Powell to talk about the utility of the future.

by Stephen Lacey |
Grid Edge 9
One FERC commissioner called Perry's proposal a

Why Rick Perry’s Coal-Friendly Market Intervention Was Legally Doomed

DOE never met the basic legal requirements for enacting a major market change. But it did launch a valuable debate on the meaning of “resilience.”

by Jeff St. John
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