Utilities 0
Utilities are boosting goals for emissions cuts and clean energy, but the majority of portfolios are still fossil fuels.

Resource Plans Show Some Utilities Are Still Cautiously Investing in Renewables

Economics are boosting new investments in renewables and storage. But policy pressure is still a dominant driver.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 12
The auction showed a great deal of diversity in resources, including demand response, wind and solar.

Prices Spike in PJM Capacity Auction

As predicted, closing nuke and coal plants and market imbalances have pushed up capacity prices for the country’s biggest grid operator.

by Jeff St. John
BOS/Inverters 1
Are manufacturers doing enough to protect their products?

Inspection Firm Hacks Inverters Within Minutes, Casting Doubt on Security

TÜV Rheinland broke into commercially available solar inverters “without any problems.”

by Jason Deign
Electric Vehicles 6
Can Pivot Power pull off this complex EV charging project?

Pivot Power Plans Massive UK Supercharger Network Paired With 2 Gigawatts of Batteries

Using battery revenues to pay for substation upgrades could help the business case.

by Jason Deign
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Grid Optimization 4
How would electricity work if zombies took over the world?

Would Electricity Work in a Zombie Apocalypse?

On this week’s Interchange podcast: We answer some of the most commonly Googled questions about energy.

by Stephen Lacey
Energy Storage 7
StoreDot plans to deploy the technology in mobile devices next year.

BP Invests $20M in Tech to Charge EVs in 5 Minutes

“We are committed to be the fuel provider of choice—no matter what car our customers drive.”

by Julia Pyper
Electric Vehicles 93
Electric buses are a key component of an all-electric future, but are they ready for the road?

EV Experts Say Buses Should Electrify First. Can They Rise to the Challenge?

A headache in Los Angeles may hold lessons for bus fleet electrification.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Regulation & Policy 2
Florida Power & Light, Gulf Power and Florida City Gas share some complementary tech and customers.

The Data Behind NextEra’s $6.5B Bid for Gulf Power and Florida City Gas

How a home-state advantage and technology synergies could make this third time a charm for NextEra’s acquisition ambitions.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Optimization 41
Introducing the Shark Curve
Industry Perspective

Introducing the Shark Curve

We’re hearing a lot about the duck curve and the Nessie curve. But what about the shark curve in developing countries?

by Toby D. Couture
Markets & Policy 51
Answers to the big questions that have cropped up in response to California's historic solar requirement.

Everything You Need to Know About California’s New Solar Roof Mandate

Is the requirement really cost-effective? Solar lease or purchase? Will new homes be net zero? And answers to other burning questions.

by Julia Pyper
Watch the Energy Storage vs. Gas Forum Right Here on May 21

Watch the Energy Storage vs. Gas Forum Right Here on May 21

GTM Squared members get exclusive access to the conference livestream and video on-demand after the event.

by Nicholas Rinaldi |
The Challenges for Long-Term Growth in Community Solar

The Challenges for Long-Term Growth in Community Solar

“We’re in a lab of program design. We’re learning lessons, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.”

by Julia Pyper |
Energy Storage 31
The Hornsdale battery is almost doing too good of a job.

Did Tesla’s Big Australian Battery Kill the Business Case for More?

There might not be much of an ancillary services market left for other projects.

by Jason Deign
Energy Storage 0
Energy Jobs: Tesla Flattens Exec Roles, Juergen Steps Down at SolarWorld, Plus ComEd, AMS and More

Energy Jobs: Tesla Flattens Exec Roles, Juergen Steps Down at SolarWorld, Plus ComEd, AMS and More

Executive and boardroom moves in cleantech, utilities, energy and venture capital.

by Katherine Tweed
Networking/AMI 24
Smart meters enable time-varying rates, but it's unclear how those rates will roll out in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Rejects Smart Meter Rollouts, as Competitive Energy Undermines the Business Case

How customers migrating to third-party and municipal electric services have put National Grid, Unitil and Eversource’s AMI plans in question.

by Jeff St. John
5 Trends to Watch in the Coming Storage-Natural Gas Collision

5 Trends to Watch in the Coming Storage-Natural Gas Collision

A transition has begun and we don’t know where it will end up. Here’s what I’m tracking as it unfolds.

by Julian Spector |
Energy Storage 0
Centrica's REstore pools Tesla batteries in a virtual power plant project.
GTM Research Spotlight

Tesla Powerpacks Balance the European Grid in REstore’s New Virtual Power Plant

From black to green—an old Belgium coal mining site becomes a hub for energy storage and grid edge innovation.

by Elta Kolo, Rory McCarthy
Regulation & Policy 2
Distribution automation: the backbone of a digital, distributed grid.

4 Benefits of Distribution Automation in a Decentralized Energy World

Distribution automation is becoming more important as electricity systems get flooded with distributed resources.

by GTM Creative Strategies
Grid Optimization 126
Wholesale markets could see strong declines in energy prices when clean energy exceeds 40 percent of generation.

If Solar and Wind Hit 50% of Generation, US Wholesale Energy Prices Could Fall 25% or More

A new “holistic” analysis from Berkeley Lab details grid conditions under a high-renewable energy scenario.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
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Energy Storage 67
Gas peakers are increasingly under threat.

Just How Much Business Can Batteries Take From Gas Peakers?

Peak capacity offers bountiful growth for the storage industry, if it can reliably replace gas plants.

by Julian Spector
Networking/AMI 0
Itron’s Acquisition of Silver Spring Networks Bolsters Smart Meter and Grid Networking Revenue

Itron’s Acquisition of Silver Spring Networks Bolsters Smart Meter and Grid Networking Revenue

Itron reports its first quarterly earnings with an integrated Silver Spring Networks.

by Jeff St. John
Residential Solar 3
Sunrun's stock has recently been trading at the company's highest share price since shortly after it went public.

Sunrun Boosts Revenue 37%, Expands Partnership With National Grid

The company is targeting 15 percent growth for the year, as well as strong future growth from California’s new rooftop solar mandate.

by Julia Pyper
Energy 36
The Deep Decarbonization Draft: Fantasy Sports for Energy Nerds

The Deep Decarbonization Draft: Fantasy Sports for Energy Nerds

This week on The Interchange podcast, we’ll choose our fantasy decarbonization teams.

by Stephen Lacey
Blockchain 1
Renewable energy curtailment is impacting 10 percent of production in the U.K.

Centrica Looks to Blockchain to Help Cut Renewable Energy Curtailment

The utility embarks on a pilot with LO3 Energy to address curtailment in the U.K.

by Jason Deign
Energy Storage 4
How FERC Order 841 could help other energy resources.
Industry Perspective

Storage Might Solve Some Big Grid Problems, but Not the Ones You Think

A new wholesale market participation model for energy storage may help other inverter-based or distributed energy resources.

by Mark Ahlstrom