Microgrids 1
Destruction in the Rockaways post-Superstorm Sandy.

Sandy 5 Years Later: Is the Northeast Closer to Grid Resilience?

The affected states have seen some tangible grid improvements—and a whole lot of works still in progress.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Ohio’s Clean Energy Mandates Are Back on the Chopping Block

Ohio’s Clean Energy Mandates Are Back on the Chopping Block

Meanwhile, California approves new laws to ditch fossil fuels, Florida’s largest muni passes a solar plan, and rural communities study the economic impact of transmission projects.

by Julia Pyper |
Solar Finance & VC 1
How Big Dollars Are Catalyzing India’s Small-Scale Solar Market
Industry Perspective

How Big Dollars Are Catalyzing India’s Small-Scale Solar Market

The newly operational U.S.-India Clean Energy Finance program will leverage grant dollars to mobilize financing for early-stage solar companies.

by Gireesh Shrimali and Justin Guay
Electric Vehicles 4
China will deploy 700,000 electric vehicles this year.

Electric Cars in China Are On Track for a Record Year

According to an industry group, automakers are predicted to sell 700,000 of them in the country.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
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The People’s Republic of Storage?

The People’s Republic of Storage?

Big moves from the biggest clean energy builder, a storage executive shuffle, and drones do the darnedest things.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 3
FERC Faces Barrage of Comments on DOE’s Coal, Nuclear Cost-Recovery Rule

FERC Faces Barrage of Comments on DOE’s Coal, Nuclear Cost-Recovery Rule

Coal-state support floods in—while environmental law groups say the controversial proposal doesn’t pass first legal muster.

by Jeff St. John
Energy 7
Electric distribution and transmission lines at sunset.

Renewables May Become the Netflix of the Energy Sector

A new Wood Mackenzie paper looks at six energy market disruptions that are “rewriting the whole economy.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Solar-Plus-Storage 0
Advanced Microgrid Solutions Tesla battery installation.

AMS Beefs Up Leadership Team With SolarCity’s Grid Services Guru

Ryan Hanley will spearhead the commercial storage company’s product development, as it ramps up for a major utility contract.

by Julian Spector
Energy Storage 38
Lithium ion battery chemistry.

Switching From Lithium-Ion Could Be Harder Than You Think

Electricity storage based on cheaper materials faces an uphill struggle.

by Jason Deign
Other Energy 7
Stanford Startx accelerator for energy innovation.
Industry Perspective

How America Should Promote Energy Innovation in the Face of Extreme Weather

Former Obama energy experts make the case for boosting America’s entrepreneurial efforts in cleantech.

by Kenneth Alston and Yuvaraj Sivalingam
Regulation & Policy 8
Pile of coal to represent FERC decision on grid resilience.

What FERC Commissioners Are Saying About the DOE NOPR

With the 60-day deadline approaching, LaFleur, Chatterjee and Powelson seem divided over Perry’s controversial proposal.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
New York City Director of Sustainability Joins The Energy Gang

How Are Mega-Cities Like New York Implementing Sustainability?

Another edition of The Energy Gang, transcription-style.

by Stephen Lacey |
Electric Vehicles 13
Volkswagen E-Golt plug-in electric vehicle with lithium ion battery.

The Truth About the Cobalt Crisis: It’s Not a Crisis, Yet

Cobalt supplies will not be a showstopper for electric vehicles, an expert says.

by Jason Deign
Off Grid/Energy Access 8
U.S. Virgin Islands electrical wires after Hurricane Maria.
Industry Perspective

What It Will Take to Rebuild the Caribbean With Clean Energy

When it comes to energy infrastructure, the Caribbean sits at an intersection of need and opportunity. And now is the time to act.

by Bruce Levy
Demand Response 0
Pinpoint demand response.

Evolutions in Demand Response: Tapping Locational Value With Pinpoint DR

Central Hudson’s non-wires alternatives program is brand-new. Gulf Power’s is 20 years old. Both can serve locational grid needs today, if technology and policy align.

by Jeff St. John
Electric Vehicles 2
Public transit agencies got federal funds to electrify bus fleets.
Industry Perspective

How Federal Grants Are Accelerating the Adoption of Electrified Mass Transit

Black & Veatch’s Paul Stith explains why the migration toward electric buses is picking up speed.

by Paul Stith
Looking Beyond DOE’s NOPR, a Case for Grid Flexibility Alongside Reliability

Looking Beyond DOE’s NOPR, a Case for Grid Flexibility Alongside Reliability

Energy Innovation has some ideas for the grid beyond cost recovery for coal piles. Plus, FERC Acting Chairman Neil Chatterjee speaks, and the California SGIP targets low-income communities.

by Jeff St. John |
Markets & Policy 47
How to Solve Hawaii’s Solar Problem: Smart Imports

How to Solve Hawaii’s Solar Problem: Smart Imports

Creating a “smart imports” program could make excess solar a solution instead of an issue.

by Tam Hunt
Other Energy 66
NREL bioreactor at power to gas pilot facility.

Novel Power-to-Gas Tech Begins Testing in the US

A new pilot combines hydrogen, microbes and biogas to perform energy storage.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
Upcoming Events
Julian Spector explores the latest must-hear news from the energy storage industry.

What Financiers Want to See From Energy Storage

Plus: Seeing storage in the ashes of California’s wildfire, a virtual power plant that really earns its name, and a stunning storage denouement.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 87
Coal fired power plant.

Two Coal Plants Close in Texas, as Trump Admin Pushes Pro-Coal Agenda

More than half the nation’s coal plants have now closed since 2010. It’s unclear if a controversial effort to support coal can reverse that trend.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 0
Watch Itron Utility Week 2017 Live From Houston

Watch Itron Utility Week 2017 Live From Houston

Register here to watch on October 16 and 17.

by Ashley Fallon
Electric Vehicles 1
A Shell gas station in Bethel, Connecticut.

Shell Buys Slice of the Electric Vehicle Market With Purchase of NewMotion

Oil and gas majors continue exploring new markets in electrification.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Utilities 4
Electric distribution systems power cables and transformers in Salem, Massachusetts
Industry Perspective

The 4 Main Pillars of Enhancing Utility Grid Resilience

ICF presents several ways to protect the grid from extreme weather events—and a framework for paying for them.

by Philip Mihlmester, Anne Choate
Grid Optimization 49
Intermittent Renewables Are Up. So Where Is All of the Gas?

Intermittent Renewables Are Up. So Where Is All of the Gas?

Europe’s wind leaders have different ways of dodging power-balance issues besides just firing up more gas turbines.

by Jason Deign
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