Smart Homes/Smart Buildings 1
Recent deals suggest Germany's GreenCom may be emerging as a technology of choice for some of Europe’s major utilities.

European Home Energy M&A Alert: GreenCom Networks Buys Shine

Centrica-backed GreenCom’s acquisition of a startup founded by German utility Innogy underscores the dynamism of Europe’s home energy market.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 9
Arizona utility APS has grounded its energy storage operations while the investigation continues.

What We Know and Don’t Know About the Fire at an APS Battery Facility

The explosion in Arizona comes at a sensitive time for the fledgling storage industry, with a number of U.S. states moving to make storage central to their grid planning.

by Julian Spector
Earlier this year APS announced plans to build 850 megawatts of battery storage by 2025.

APS and Fluence Investigating Explosion at Arizona Energy Storage Facility

The stakes are high for the energy storage sector after an explosion with an unknown cause left several firefighters injured.

by Karl-Erik Stromsta
Electric Vehicles 5
The board shakeup follows a quarter in which Tesla made a number of questionable moves.

Tesla Announces Departure of 4 Board Members Ahead of a Really Big Week

Tesla reveals that 40 percent of the board is set to exit—right before a crucial earnings call, an investor day, and an SEC contempt case.

by Eric Wesoff
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Several of Verizon's peers in U.S. telecoms have been quicker on the uptake in procuring renewable energy.

Verizon Hints at Big Renewables Purchases as It Pledges to Go Carbon-Neutral

“Significant” clean energy announcements expected in the next year, as the U.S. telecoms giant sets its sights on carbon neutrality by 2035.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
How China Developed a Very Crowded Landscape of EV Companies

How China Developed a Very Crowded Landscape of EV Companies

“Some will dive, some will survive, and only a few will thrive.”

by Julia Pyper |
Regulation & Policy 4
Renewable energy industry groups have said they cannot support AB 56 as currently written.

California Bill Proposes a Backstop Authority to Secure State’s Power Grid Needs

Backers of the bill say it would help secure clean, reliable resources in a more fragmented future energy landscape. Opponents say it takes centralization too far.

by Jeff St. John
PV, EV, & Storage 6
Automakers and VC firms invested more than $1.3 billion in energy storage technologies last year.

Daimler Leads $170M Investment in Sila Nano’s Next-Generation Battery Tech

Traditional automakers continue to invest big money in battery technology for electric vehicles.

by Eric Wesoff
Utilities 1
Investigators are questioning how PG&E managed infrastructure in the lead-up to wildfires.

PG&E’s Wildfire Saga: How Will Utilities Grapple With Climate Risk?

This week on The Interchange: We dig into the causes of PG&E’s latest bankruptcy—wildfires.

by Stephen Lacey
Electric Vehicles 6
Shell has been on a cleantech acquisition spree, and more deals are likely to come.

Shell’s Electric Mobility Strategy for North America: Focus on Fleets

The oil giant’s e-mobility strategy “will be about putting charge points on Shell gas stations, but it’s a lot bigger than that,” says the VP for new fuels.

by Julian Spector
The U.S. electric bus market lags far behind China and Europe.

Proterra Rolls Out $200 Million Electric Bus Battery Leasing Program With Mitsui

Electric buses require more upfront investment than their diesel counterparts. Or at least they used to.

by Karl-Erik Stromsta
Utilities 17
Green Mountain Power has joined the ranks of those committed to 100% carbon-free.

Vermont Utility Green Mountain Power Commits to 100% Renewables by 2030

Utility will “dramatically” boost its in-state renewables portfolio and increasingly lean on storage, expanding on its existing hydropower base.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
A final investment decision on the 250-megawatt water electrolysis facility in Rotterdam is expected in 2022.

Oil Giant BP Joins Nouryon in Rotterdam Hydrogen Quest

The nascent green hydrogen market is attracting attention from oil and gas companies as it scales up.

by Jason Deign
Research & Analysis 6
The advanced volt/VAR control (VVC) market in the United States grew by 39 percent from 2014-2018.
Research Spotlight

US Volt/VAR Market to Peak in the Late 2020s

Grid modernization programs and distributed energy resource growth are motivating utilities to spend on distribution grid IOT technologies, but this growing market will peak by the late 2020s.

by Chloe Holden and Ben Kellison
Smart Homes/Smart Buildings 1
Google Expands Its Voice Control Support for Utilities

Google Expands Its Voice Control Support for Utilities

A growing number of U.S. utilities are engaging their customers through voice-activated devices. Google wants to make that easier.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 14
On its way to the nearest charging station.

Another Route to All-Electric Flight: Convert Existing Planes

Canada’s Harbour Air and electric propulsion startup magniX are teaming up to retrofit existing seaplanes into an all-electric fleet.

by Justin Gerdes
PV, EV, & Storage 1
Shell is investing billions of dollars per year in storage, microgrids, renewables and smart home offerings.

Making Sense of Shell’s New Energies Business: Smart Home Offerings Now on the Menu

On this week’s Interchange podcast: We talk with Brian Davis, Shell’s VP of energy solutions, about the supermajor’s plans for the future.

by Stephen Lacey
Microgrids 5
How a Residential Microgrid Can Earn Its Keep Beyond the Neighborhood

How a Residential Microgrid Can Earn Its Keep Beyond the Neighborhood

Small microgrids don’t need to include large buildings to provide value.

by GTM Creative Strategies
Energy Storage 1
New York could become the first major U.S. commercial storage market outside of California.

Con Ed’s New Commercial Storage Demo Puts the Utility in the Driver’s Seat

Businesses in New York City could get paid to host storage systems, potentially expanding the market for larger distributed batteries.

by Julian Spector
Wind 1
While tech companies remain central to the corporate renewables market, the pool of buyers is diversifying.

Amazon Jumps Back Into Corporate Renewables Market

The tech giant returns to the renewables market with deals backing a trio of wind projects in Europe and the U.S.

by Karl-Erik Stromsta
Solar 9
More than 90 percent of U.S. companies don’t have a public credit rating, adding risk to long-term solar PPAs.

Energetic Unveils ‘Game-Changing’ Insurance Policy for Commercial Solar Market

The company aims to solve “one of the most persistent and painful problems” for C&I solar: many offtakers’ lack of a credit rating.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Energy Storage 14
The Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act was introduced Thursday by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA).

US House Introduces Energy Storage Tax Credit Bill

Push to make standalone storage eligible for federal tax credits—and potentially extend wind and solar subsidies—may take on a new light after the Green New Deal proposal.

by Jeff St. John
Grid Edge 7
 Faraday's technology has been described as an internet router for the grid, adjusting power flows instead of data traffic.

Faraday Grid’s Spending Spree Begins

Mysterious Scottish tech developer starts investing the cash it raised in January.

by Jason Deign
Electric Vehicles 16
We look at which automakers are leading on electric cars.

Who Is Winning the Electric Vehicle Race?

On this week’s Interchange podcast, we look at the latest EV activity from the world’s biggest automakers.

by Stephen Lacey
Regulation & Policy 2
PG&E Bankruptcy Drives Plans for Catastrophe Fund to Cover Wildfire Costs

PG&E Bankruptcy Drives Plans for Catastrophe Fund to Cover Wildfire Costs

Different versions of a concept for a fund to backstop utility wildfire liabilities are emerging in California.

by Jeff St. John
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