Every few seconds, a new residential HVAC system or water heater is installed around America. Most of them are designed to burn oil and gas -- locking in 15-20 more years of carbon pollution.

So how do we electrify 100% of that new equipment rapidly? This week: a wide-ranging conversation about how to unlock the residential market. 

Katherine and Stephen are joined by Nate Adams, the co-founder of HVAC 2.0. He’s called “the house whisperer” for a reason. They discuss the benefit of home electrification, the opportunity, and the market constraints.

Later in the show, a new trend in real estate: Redfin released a survey of prospective homebuyers, asking them about how they’d factor climate risk into their decisions. Half of them said that intensifying natural disasters influenced their decision to relocate. What are the consequences for the market?


  • Grist: The Barriers to Home Electrification
  • Workshop: Nate Adams’ Electrify Everything Course
  • Redfin Survey: Climate Change Influencing American Home Buyers
  • Lisbeth Kaufman: Why I’m Buying a Climate Haven

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