This week on Watt It Takes: how an energy researcher obsessed with electric vehicles stumbled upon a vast trove of transportation data and built a company that is reshaping infrastructure planning for mobility.

Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Laura Schewel, the founder and CEO of Streetlight Data

Laura spent her career studying storage, electric vehicles and transportation systems at the Rocky Mountain Institute, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and then as a research fellow at UC Berkeley. 

While at UC Berkeley, she became interested in finding a way to give EV owners more information about how they were driving their cars. She ended up uncovering a data gold mine in the process. 

Laura built a company that now processes over 100 billion data points and provides transportation and urban planners with a granular view of how roads, bike lanes and sidewalks are being used.

In this episode, Laura Schewel talks about how she ultimately pursued the idea and what she encountered in the wild world of entrepreneurship.

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