This week on Watt It Takes: Terry Jester has seen it all in her four-decade career in solar and electronics. As both an engineer and an executive, she’s learned that timing is everything in the energy business. 

“I think as I’ve gotten older, I understand when best to strike…a good idea can not make it for bad timing, and a bad idea can go too far.”

In this episode, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Terry, who is now chief executive of Solpad, maker of a modular home solar-storage system. 

Terry started her career at Arco Solar in 1979, where she worked on making products that could last decades. She’s since held operations or engineering positions at Shell, Siemens, SunPower, SolarWorld and Solaria — witnessing the initial evolution and eventual explosion of solar firsthand.

Terry is now in the startup world, where she’s trying to help Solpad carve out a niche in the market for home solar-battery systems. We’re going to hear about how she’s applying operations lessons from big corporations to a startup.

This conversation was recorded live at the Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy forum in Denver, Colorado. 

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