This week on Watt It Takes: how a product manager at Google saw promise in geothermal heat pumps — and applied the lessons of solar to an underserved market.

In this episode, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Kathy Hannun, the co-founder of Dandelion, a home geothermal company that uses a proprietary drilling technique, simple product design, and financing to cut the cost of ground-source heating and cooling.

For seven years, Kathy was on the rapid evaluation team at Alphabet X — formerly Google X — evaluating technology moonshots. That’s where she stumbled upon the opportunity in home geothermal.

We’re going to hear from Kathy about what she learned trying to tackle a tough technology like home geothermal. We’ll also hear about what she learned from her time at Google, how she built her team, and why raising money as an expecting mother presented some unique challenges. 

This conversation was recorded live at Powerhouse’s headquarters. Buy tickets for upcoming events.

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