Over the last two years, large multinational energy firms have dumped billions of dollars into commercial energy management — acquiring companies in smart lighting, demand response, battery storage, energy billing, microgrids, smart controls and software.

Meanwhile, legacy firms in building energy management are scooping up software and equipment startups.

Activity is picking up, but it's still unclear which smart-building strategy will dominate. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the built environment. Creating a scalable business that serves the diverse needs of building owners is tough.

This week, we'll talk with Joe Aamidor, an expert on smart buildings and frequent GTM contributor.

"I do see that we're making progress. But I think the progress is happening slower than we would like, and slower than we are predicting. But I would also say that the expectations of what a smart building actually is continue to change," says Aamidor.

Read Joe Aamidor’s three-part series for GTM Squared on building energy management:

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