by Nicolas Rinaldi
May 20, 2016

Here are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edge and energy news.

Solar News

RMB 5.9 Billion
The net loss in 2015 for Chinese panel manufacturer Yingli. Strategic decisions gone wrong, such as sponsoring the World Cup, have contributed to the company's crushing debt. (story)

140 Gigawatts AC
The cumulative PV capacity in the U.S. by 2020 proposed by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. The campaign's energy policy advisor detailed the candidate's ambitious roadmap for solar at Solar Summit 2016 last week. (story)

25 Years
The length of time Nevada's New Energy Industry Task Force proposes to grandfather solar customers onto the state's previous solar rules, backtracking from a recent ruling that cut net energy meeting for solar. (story)

4 to 5 Gigawatts
The approximate capacity of operating and development assets in SunEdison's portfolio. This week it was announced that Rothschild, a restructuring agent, is taking bids to liquidate geographic bundles of assets. (story)

33' 14"
The duration of the Solar Summit 2016 keynote presentation by GTM Research's Senior VP, Shayle Kann. The keynote takes stock of the global solar market and is a must-see for industry professionals. (story)

500 Solar Professionals
The number of Solar Summit 2016 attendees who weighed in last week on some of the biggest questions facing the industry during the event's crowdsourced panel. (story)

The delta between global PV growth in 2016 and 2017, when the market is expected to nearly flatline. On this week's episode of the Energy Gang, we talk with the experts about the rollercoaster that is global PV. (story)

12 Months
The amount of free access to Squared that GTM Research Senior VP Shayle Kann is offering to The Interchange listener who can come up with a better name than the one he is currently using to describe corporate utility-scale solar procurement. Listen to this week's Interchange at the 17-minute mark to join the conversation and see if you can one-up Shayle. (story)

Grid Edge News

The amount of California SGIP subsidy that energy storage developer Stem has volunteered to give back to the program. The move is aimed at assuaging the uproar over the company's SGIP bidding irregularities. (story)

300 to 1,000 Kilowatt-Hours
The monthly peak consumption range for hypothetical Full Value Tariff tiers in New York. A new report finds that structuring electricity consumption in tiers, akin to cellphone data plans, could help New York rewrite the rules for rate design targeted at solar and other distributed energy resources. (story)

$8.5 Million
The amount raised by Philadelphia-based Viridity Energy to expand its virtual power plant software. (story)

The share of customer-sited CHP and fuel cells in the total U.S. electricity generation capacity. GTM Research finds the market's capacity will grow from 84 gigawatts to 95 gigawatts by 2026. (story)

2 Strikes
The number of failed attempts to get off the ground by bankrupt energy storage developer Coda Energy. The company is hoping the third time is the charm after its assets were acquired by storage developer Energonix this week. (story)

$5 Million
Funds awarded by the New York Green Bank to pay-as-you-save efficiency startup Sealed. The company offers no- and low-cost efficiency retrofits that are paid back through a Sealed bill instead of through the utility bill -- similar to a residential solar lease. (story)

$70 per Megawatt-hour
The target levelized cost of storage by 2020 that could usher in the age of Storage 4.0, according to Craig R. Horne, VP of business development at Renewable Energy Systems. (story)

Other Energy News

$2 Billion
The stock sale announced this week by Tesla in order to raise capital to accelerate the ramp of the company's Model 3. (story)

30 Days
The formal notice given to SunEdison's CFO and CAO last week. That and other executive and boardroom moves in cleantech, utilities, energy and VC in this week's jobs update. (story)

$43 Million
The amount in convertible notes that fuel cell startup Intelligent Energy received from its biggest investor, Meditor, this week. (story)

6 Startups
The number of energy companies in the 2016 cohort of Hawaii's Energy Excelerator. (story)