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We will kick off the day by mapping out the audience in the room and understanding what technology, markets and policy questions are top of our delegates's priority lists. This session will also give us the opportunity to understand the ratio of utilities, large-scale and C&I developers, installers, regulators, financiers, component manufacturers and EPCs in the conference room.

This exercise will give us a sense of which specific discussion points need to be expanded and what questions are already generally understood. Besides, it will be a great opportunity to break the ice and get to know the group a little bit better. #showall

Panel: From Marginal to Mainstream - How Solar Energy Is Building the Path to Deep Decarbonization

What does the widespread push for deep decarbonization mean for the acceleration of solar across the U.S? This is a fundamental question driving projections for solar growth across all segments of the market throughout the country.

We will combine the perspectives of different key stakeholders -from regulators to top developers and utilities- to out our finger on specific ways in which more ambitious RPS targets and state clean energy legislation will impact the American solar industry, including how the prospect of a Democratic 2020 Presidential win would affect these predictions. #showall

Mike Hall, CEO, Borrego Solar
Benny Ethridge, Senior Vice President, Power Generation, CPS Energy

Moderator: Emma Foehringer Merchant, Writer, Greentech Media

Networking Break
Panel: Risk Big, Win Bigger? Making Solar Viable in a World of Unprecedented Volatility

In what is being perceived as a clear sign of a more mature U.S. solar industry, large-scale developers, financiers and offtakers are increasingly accepting more market and commodity risk than ever before.

But what are the intricacies and implications of these sophisticated and complex project finance strategies and products? How can developers and financiers protect themselves from price volatility? How can the different energy market price floors be projected? In essence, what are the additional levels of risk outside project-related risks that need to be factored in?

Leading investment banks and developers will shed light on these and other questions, explaining their considerations around all levels of risks affecting large-scale solar in 2020 and beyond. #showall

Swami Venkataraman, CFA, Senior Vice President, ESG Analytics and Integration, Moody's Investors Service
Stacey Kusters, President, Solar, BHE Renewables

Moderator: Colin Smith, Senior Analyst, Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Fireside Chat: The Next Decade in Solar Manufacturing

From component tariffs, to tightening supply chains and technology breakthroughs, what are the trends that will define solar manufacturing in the next decade?

Mark Widmar, Chief Executive Officer, First Solar

Moderator: Emma Foehringer Merchant, Writer, Greentech Media

Networking Lunch

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The Innovation & Cost Nexus: Evolving Technology Landscapes for Solar
Panel: Demonstrating the Efficiency Gains of Bi-Facial Modules and Single-Axis Trackers

Bifacial modules and single-axis trackers are still facing the skepticism of some in the solar industry. The main question is whether these efficiency gains can offset the additional pressure on CAPEX and margins, along with certain design, estimation and O&M challenges that are unique to these systems.

Leading bifacial modules and single-axis trackers will take this opportunity to reflect on everything we know so far about these innovative technologies. #showall

Steven Zhu, President, North America Region, Trina Solar
Vikash Venkataramana, PhD, MBA, Head/Director of Product Management and Technical Services, USA, Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.
Colin Caufield, VP of Sales, North America, Soltec

Moderator: Xiaojing Sun, PhD, Senior Research Analyst, Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Technology Fireside Chat

Dan Shugar, CEO, NEXTracker

Panel: Taking Project Engineering, Construction and Interconnection Costs to New Lows – Towards the Ubiquity of Solar Generation

When pointing to the biggest reason behind the unprecedented growth of solar during the last decade, the stable decrease in system component costs is often highlighted as a key driver. But innovative strategies in the design, procurement and construction of new solar plants have also contributed to significant gains for solar projects.

We will sit down with leaders from the EPC and technology sides of the story to break down the most significant breakthroughs in bringing solar design, construction and interconnection costs to new lows. #showall

Ross Heiman, Senior Director, Engineering, Clearway Energy
Dean Solon, Founder & CEO, Shoals Technologies Group

Networking Break
Solar for All: Decentralization as the Catalyst to Universal Solar
Panel: Reflecting on the Impact of the New Home Solar Mandate and the Need for Resilience in California

Starting January 1, 2020, all new homes under three stories high built in California are required to install solar panels. This legislation is impacting the largest U.S. solar market for residential solar tremendously, but how does this translate into growth numbers for the residential installers and system component manufacturers in California, and what opportunities is this creating for all the different tiers of installers operating in the state?

Moreover, is this rule creating constrains on supply chain and labor? And what are installers and component manufacturers doing to address these?

Some of the leading residential players will share their views on the early impact of the New Home Solar Mandate and shed light on how the California will evolve in the near future. #showall

Matt Brost, Senior Director of Sales, Americas, SunPower
Jeremy Susac, Vice President of Government Affairs, SunStreet

Moderator: Austin Perea, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

Panel: What Is Driving Solar M&A and Investment Trends at the Start of the New Decade

As investment in solar projects continues to get more competitive, investors' strategies have had to mature. This discussion will break down solar project M&A strategies and explore how current market players are thinking about investments in solar projects, development platforms and innovative technologies.

Moderator: Michelle Davis, Senior Analyst, Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Closing Roundtable: The Untapped Solar Market – Low-Income and Multi-Family Homes

Solar equitability is a fundamental step in the path towards a solar-dominated future. Easing access to solar regardless of a customer's income level, zip code or home type is an essential part of making solar mainstream. However, residential solar remains a product that caters to high or medium-high income segments of the population - those who own a home and can take care of a significant upfront investment.

Community Solar and more flexible criteria approach to residential solar creditworthiness are starting to change this paradigm and lower installation and component cost will only contribute to this trend.

But where are we and where do we need to be when we talk about solar equability? And what business models and strategies and approaches to risk can help installers break ground into the low-income and multi-family homes segments of the market? #showall

David Schatz, Director, Utility of the Future, PEPCO Holdings
Beth Galante, Senior Vice President of Business Development, PosiGen
Melanie Santiago-Mosier, Managing Director for Access & Equity, Vote Solar

Networking Reception

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