S3 Solar Software Summit

For an additional cost, join Folsom Labs on April 30 for for the third year of the industry’s first dedicated event covering the growing solar software ecosystem. To view the full Solar Software Summit agenda, click here.

Continental Breakfast & Check-In
Day 1 Morning Theme: Solar & the Transformation of Electricity
GTM Research Presentation: The Transformation of Solar & the Future of Energy

Solar at record low prices. Pairing with storage becoming standard. Wholesale markets and utilities disrupted. These are just a few themes dominating the headlines in 2018 as cumulative solar installations are poised to exceed 50 GW in the U.S. and 500 GW globally. Yet, as solar races towards a competitive, unsubsidized future, will it be able to withstand continued cost pressure, receding wholesale pricing and a host of technology integration challenges? Hear Wood Mackenzie's Global Lead for Renewables and Emerging Technologies present the latest Wood Mackenzie / GTM Research analysis on the broad energy and technology trends that will shape the future of solar.

MJ Shiao, Global Lead, Renewables & Emerging Tech, GTM Research

Solar in the Trump Era - The Effects of Tax Reform, Section 201 & Further Unknowns

If you thought the extension of the federal investment tax credit meant the end of national market risks for U.S. solar, think again. The U.S. solar market is crowded right now with multiple elephants in the room affecting how companies raise capital and maintain growth. In this panel, we'll explore how corporate tax reform, Section 201 and other macro level risks will affect the future of U.S. solar.

Lynn Jurich, CEO, Sunrun

Moderator: Cory Honeyman, Associate Director, U.S. Solar, GTM Research

Networking Break
Keynote Interview

Utility-scale solar is in flux. Developers are getting more creative about location and plant design, while pipelines are acquired by global energy majors at a record pace. However, policy uncertainty and new solar tariffs are threatening some projects. In this discussion, we’ll talk with Lightsource US Chief Operating Officer Katherine Ryzhaya about the company’s outlook for the utility-scale solar market in 2018 and beyond.

Katherine Ryzhaya, Chief Commercial Officer, Lightsource Renewable Energy

Moderator: Stephen Lacey, Editor-in-Chief, Greentech Media

Solar as a Wholesale Electricity Market Disruptor

Within wholesale electricity markets, solar is transitioning from being a niche to disruptive resource. In this panel, we'll discuss how developers are managing wholesale market risks in a dirt cheap PPA environment with shortening contract terms. We'll also discuss what services solar can provide to the grid beyond being the lowest-cost resource, and market reforms that can turn those benefits into reality.

Moderator: Cory Honeyman, Associate Director, U.S. Solar, GTM Research

Lunch + Learn: The Outlook for North American Power Markets

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Prajit Ghosh, Head, Americas Power & Renewables Research, Wood Mackenzie

track 1
Track 1: The New Solar Deal - Beyond Traditional Project Finance
track 2
Track 2: Innovations at the Solar & Grid Edge

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track 1
Structuring a Corporate PPA Deal

Keynote Interview: Consecutively in 2016 and 2017, the US saw over 1.0 GWdc of annual capacity additions from utility PV projects with a corporate offtakers. Join us as project developers and corporate offtakers will share their insights on how corporate PPAs are originated, discuss PPA structures though direct offtake agreements or through green tariffs, and examine what trends are emerging over the next five years.

Moderator: Colin Smith, Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

track 2
Keynote Interview with SMA

What does it mean to be an inverter company in an age where solar is rapidly disrupting the energy paradigm? As software, AI and other digital trends change the way energy is managed and consumed, inverter suppliers must look beyond selling hardware and into a whole host of new services and markets. Looking to lead the charge, solar power electronics companies are increasingly shifting into service-driven markets and utilizing the PV inverter as a platform for technology integration and digitized energy. Hear Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO of SMA Solar Technology, speak to the coming transformation to the solar power electronics space and how global companies like SMA must respond.

Moderator: MJ Shiao, Global Lead, Renewables & Emerging Tech, GTM Research

track 1
The Investor Perspective: What Long-Term Owners Want

Vertical integration or specialization? Early-stage development risk or high developer fees? Long-term owners are wrestling with these questions as the solar asset ownership landscape has been consolidating. Asset owners and investors will share their insights on project origination strategies and what they’re looking for in the utility and commercial solar industries.

Derek Hasek, Vice President, New Markets & Policy, Greenskies Renewable Energy
Kristina Peterson, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Renewable Energy Group

Moderator: Michelle Davis, Senior Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

track 2
What to Expect for Solar Modules in the Wake of 201

Moderator: Jade Jones, Senior Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

track 1
Financing Solar-Plus-Storage

Moderator: Ravi Manghani, Director, Energy Storage, GTM Research

track 2
Key Trends in Solar Inverters and Power Electronics

In this panel, we are going to discuss hot topics for inverters and utility PV system design. We'll hit on next-generation inverter technology, chat about why folks still aren't decided on string vs. central inverters, and discuss how to manage the aging fleet of inverters out in the field.

Levent Gun, CEO, Ampt, LLC
Mahesh Morjaria, Vice President, PV Systems Development, First Solar

Moderator: Scott Moskowitz, Senior Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

Networking Break

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track 1
Q1 2018 Market Update - A First Look at Distributed Solar in the Section 201 Environment

With the first quarter of Section 201 tariffs in the books, join GTM Research for data-driven analysis and market update on how distributed solar has fared in the face of tariffs, an evolving policy environment, and an increasingly challenging customer acquisition landscape.

Austin Perea, Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

track 2
Solar as a Platform: Fitting Solar with EVs, IOT, HEMS & Other Fun Acronyms

Here we'll discuss trends in next-generation residential solar and home energy technology. We'll also tackle issues of technology integration and customer preferences. How will EVs work with solar? Do homeowners need sophisticated management systems? What buzzword should just go away? Join us for a fun no non-sense conversation.

Samuel Adeyemo, Chief Operating Officer, Aurora Solar

Moderator: Scott Moskowitz, Senior Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

track 1
Finding the Right Consumer Finance Solution

The residential solar market is quickly transitioning to one where cash and loans are dominating, and just a few third-party ownership options remain. Join us for a discussion on why some product offerings are succeeding over others, and how this will shape the future of the residential market.

Chris Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer, Dividend Finance

Moderator: Allison Mond, Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

track 2
Solar for Grid Services: How to Make Distributed Solar a Grid Asset

Saving homeowners money on their energy bill is one thing, but the hottest innovation in rooftop solar is figuring out how to turn customer-sited systems into valuable grid assets. Solar, combined with energy storage and smart inverters is already starting to play this role in key markets. We'll hear from the utilities, solar companies and storage specialists who are cracking open this new market.

Moderator: Julian Spector, Staff Writer, Greentech Media

track 1
The Corporates Roundtable: Selling Solar to the Business Community
track 2
The Solar Innovation Forum: The Technology Pitchfest/Throwdown

Moderator: Benjamin Gallagher, Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

Networking Reception

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