GTM Research is pleased to announce our latest research report, The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Report and Rankings 2013.

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As smart grid technology adoption grows rapidly, vibrant ecosystems of vendors are continuing to compete for a share of the billions that will be spent globally by utilities on initiatives. Traditional utility solution providers, tangential entrants into the industry and pure-play smart grid vendors are all converging around the smart grid value proposition over the short, medium and long term. While standards, interoperability and partnerships are creating competitive advantages in the market, the focus on deploying “hard assets” like smart meters and distribution devices (e.g., automated switches, reclosers, controllers for capacitor banks and voltage regulators) continues. However, solutions that unlock the power of smart grid data by using analytical solutions across the enterprise, grid operations and customer functions are also continuing to grow rapidly. Although the list of vendors in the market place is diverse, they are all operating across an interdependent smart grid value chain -- what we at GTM Research call “The Networked Grid.”

GTM Research is publishing the next edition of The Networked Grid 150 report, the industry's leading compendium of market players, vendor rankings, competitive positioning and market maturity assessments for each smart grid segment. Within this report, GTM Research examines the many vendors competing today in the smart grid space, emphasizing the two largest “first mover” markets of North America and Europe, but with an increasing focus on smart grid vendors from emerging markets.

FIGURE: The Networked Grid Overview

Source: GTM Research

In this report, GTM Research also provides two Top 10 rankings, The Networked Grid Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid and The Networked Grid Top Ten Vendors to Watch in Smart Grid. Further, we also pay special tribute to those products and services that we believe are market-leading across the energy value chain in 2013 with a GTM Innovation Award. Smart grid markets assessed in the report include communications, distribution automation, AMI infrastructure, network operations, grid support, soft grid and demand-side management, among others. The report also includes:

  • Market Assessments: The report looks at the maturity of smart grid markets across the energy value chain, commenting on the development trends in global regions and whether markets are a) exploratory b) early investing, c) integrating or d) optimizing.
  • Market Developments: In the area of investment and mergers and acquisitions, the report highlights how activity will continue vertically (smart grid conglomerates building portfolios across the value chain) and horizontally (communications and networking companies expanding capability through consolidation).
  • Vendor Profiles: In all, there are over 150 vendors included in the report. Individual vendor profiles are featured, including summaries of their products, histories of smart grid market activity, and individual analyst commentary in many cases.

The Networked Grid Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid

This list represents GTM Research’s smart grid all-star performers for 2013. The solutions and products offered by these companies have all had proven market success, multiple deployments and clear business cases. While over 40 companies were in contention for a top-10 spot, analysts at GTM Research, using our ranking methodology, agreed that this list represents the best smart grid vendors across the smart grid value chain at present. This list includes AMI specialists, grid optimization companies, customer analytic solution providers, and communication and networking specialists -- all of the vital components of a smart grid.

Source: GTM Research

The Networked Grid Top 10 Vendors to Watch in Smart Grid

In addition to our Top 10 Vendors, the analyst team at GTM Research is pleased to announce our Top 10 Vendors to Watch. There is an ever-increasing set of vendors that operate in smart grid markets that are characterized by rapid innovation and sophistication of solution provision, and many of the vendors on our Top 10 to Watch list fit this bill; however, we have also included more established vendors that we believe are well positioned to make a leading impression on the marketplace over the next twelve months.

Source: GTM Research

Ranking our top vendors involved assessing companies across three primary domains: smart grid solution, market dominance and growth and sustainability. First, vendors were ranked relatively in their markets areas (e.g., distribution automation, communications, etc.), and second, leading vendors in each market were ranked against each other to form our two top 10 rankings.

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