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The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Report and Rankings 2013

What does 2013 hold for the smart grid market? As technology adoption spreads across utility territories globally, vibrant ecosystems of vendors are competing for a share of what will become a $500 billion annual market by 2030. To sort through this vendor ecosystem, GTM Research is publishing The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Report and Rankings 2013, a 279-page report that profiles and ranks the top 150 smart grid vendors across 12 key smart grid market segments.

This is the second annual edition of The Networked Grid 150, which has become the industry's compendium of leading players, vendor rankings, competitive positioning and market forecasts across twelve key smart grid segments. In addition to vendor analysis and rankings, the report offers a strategic outlook on smart grid technology maturity, investment activity, utility adoption and grid concerns, as well as analysis on emerging smart grid markets. 

FIGURE: The Networked Grid 150 Vendor Taxonomy

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Source: GTM Research

Markets segments covered in the report include: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Building Area Networks (BAN), Consulting & Integration, Demand Response, Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure, Energy Storage, Field Area Networks (FAN), Home Area Networks (HAN), Networking & Management, Soft Grid, Security, Transmission & Distribution (T&D), Wide Area Network (WAN) Communications.

What's new in the 2013 report?

  • 2013 Market assessments and developments
  • 2013 Analyst profiles for over 150 of the market's leading vendors; includes product summaries, market activity, and individual analyst commentary
  • Ranking: Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid
  • Ranking: Top 10 Vendors to Watch in Smart Grid
  • Ranking: Top 5 Vendors Across 12 Smart Grid Market Segments
  • Ranking: Innovation awards for 'best in class' products and services

Has Your Firm Earned a Networked Grid 150 Award in 2013?

Report Methodology

Vendors included in the report have been selected based on a number of criteria. Factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The company’s potential for success, judging by how well its current and planned technology offerings are aligned with the trends and needs of the market.
  • Financial developments such as revenue growth, key acquisitions, and available/recent injections of capital.
  • Degree of establishment within the smart grid market, in terms of both existing and potential contract portfolio, as well as key partnerships.
  • Activity and presence in the smart grid market and the media.
  • Developments within the past year have been given specific attention, but earlier developments have also been taken into account, as well.

Hear report author, David Groarke, talk about this research in Greentech Media's podcast below.

Take Five - Ranking The Top Smart Grid Vendors by Greentech: Take Five

Download the report's brochure for a complete Table of Contents and List of Figures as well as more in-depth information on the report's analysis.

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Report Author

David Groarke is a Senior Analyst at GTM Research. Prior to joining GTM, David worked as a Management Consultant with Accenture for 8 years in their energy practice. David has amassed considerable international energy consulting experience across Europe, Australia and North America and has worked extensively with a variety of utilities on their smart grid initiatives. In this capacity, David has defined solutions, conducted market analysis and provided subject matter expertise for clients that span the entire energy value chain.

David holds an Honors Degree in Economics from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and has studied European programs at Roskilde University in Denmark and Lund University in Sweden.

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strategic inquiries

  • Where is the smart grid market heading and how have leading firms positioned themselves to take advantage of smart grid adoption?
  • What is the global outlook for smart grid? Is there opportunity beyond the first-mover markets in North America and Europe?
  • Who are the incumbents in each of smart grid's twelve key market segments?
  • Which companies and up-starts promise the best-in-class solutions beyond 2013?
  • What role will technology innovation play in smart grid business models today and tomorrow?

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