Earlier this year, when the trees were just budding, we wrote a story about some IEA data that strongly suggests that dirty energy is winning.

Cynics and optimists weighed in endlessly, making it our most commented story of 2013. But there are many stories that also got our readers talking, debating and sometimes name-calling.

If you haven’t weighed in yet, there’s still time. Here are the most commented stories of 2013; more comments are always welcome.

10. Rest in Peace: The List of Deceased Solar Companies

9. Obama’s Solar SunShot Could Deliver Big-Time

8. Report: Nuclear Received 4 Times More Subsidies Than Solar in CA

7. Here’s How Chinese Firms Will Produce Solar for 36 Cents per Watt

6. Can Renewables Grow Fast Enough to Make a Difference?

5. Thorium Reactors: Nuclear Redemption or Nuclear Hazard?

4. NV Energy CEO: Solar Has Gotten a ‘Free Ride’ on the Grid

3. Reality Check: Renewables Aren’t Yet Cleaning Up the Global Energy System

2. Just How Much Are Solar and Wind Really Contributing?

1. Christine Todd Whitman on Keeping Nuclear in the US Energy Mix