This week, we have a special addendum to our deep decarbonization draft. We’re talking with Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, the vice president of communication and engagement at Project Drawdown.

Katharine is one of the minds behind the Project Drawdown solutions list that we used as the basis for our draft. We chose the list because it spans so many different areas of the global economy.

Katharine is a renowned expert and self-proclaimed “climate solutionary.” She has a very popular TED Talk on gender equality and climate change, and she speaks regularly to the press about climate issues. She was the lead author on the Drawdown book, which goes deep on the top 100 decarbonization solutions.

If you haven’t listened to our draft, go back and check it out. This conversation will make a lot more sense.

We talk with Katharine about the biggest wins for decarbonization, the most surprising opportunities and how they break down along the lines of high-tech and low-tech options. 

We’ll also get her opinion on who won the Deep Decarbonization Draft: Stephen or Shayle?

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