This week, we offer our second installment of the Deep Decarbonization Draft — our fantasy sports event for energy and climate nerds. 

Last year’s draft inspired similar versions at conferences and in the classroom. We’re bringing the game back by popular demand. 

The premise is simple: Shayle and Stephen choose their teams of decarbonization technologies and methods, and then pit them against each other to determine who’s best at saving the planet.

This year’s list of climate solutions comes from Project Drawdown. You can find its list and scores here.

Producer Daniel Woldorff has anonymized the list. We need to choose seven draft picks from the 80+ solutions across seven sectors. After all the picks have been made, one steal is allowed. 

Once the scores are locked in, we’ll tally up the total CO2 reductions and the total savings and determine a winner. Bonus points will go to the person who makes the highest-scoring pick.

Listen to last year’s decarbonization draft. 

Thanks to Matt Farley for the theme song. 

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