There are now 3.4 million people in America working in clean energy, spanning across transportation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental services and many other related areas.

It’s a big number. But it also means there are tens of millions of others with the right skills or the desire who haven’t yet joined the advanced energy economy.

We’ve gotten numerous job-related questions from listeners looking for advice — some starting careers, some later in careers, and some in consumer tech with a desire to find more meaningful work addressing climate change. This week on The Interchange, we’re going to tackle some of them, using our own experience and drawing from others.

We’ll hear from Nicole, an anonymous manager in tech who is looking for a way into the field. We’ll hear from Astrid Atkinson, a former senior Google engineer who quit her job to start a grid analytics software company. We’ll hear from Mark Hughes, an engineer at Sila Nanotechnologies, who offers some advice on embracing your unique perspective.

At the end of the show, we'll speak with Liz Dalton, executive director of the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, about the many pathways into the industry.

Looking for some more resources? Here are a few we mentioned on the podcast:

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