How do you build a career with intention? 

Many people move through their careers without ever thinking deliberatively about their mission. Many others are seeking a mission-focused job without knowing where to start.

In this podcast, we’ll hear how Dave Riess, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Wunder, broke free of that trap.

Well before co-founding Wunder, Dave found himself in a tricky spot. Even after building a successful career in software development, he was uninspired: “I’m working really hard solving these problems, and fundamentally I'm helping big brands spend money more effectively on Facebook. And nobody cares about that, including me.”

So Dave created a framework for evaluating his career path. It took him in an entirely new direction — into solar. 

How did he establish the framework? And how did he make the decisions that ultimately led him to co-found Wunder? This week, we present an episode about first principles: We cover the value of the beginner’s mind; 10x problem solving; and how to design a career, a product and a startup team with intention.

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