Katie and Becca do a lot of solar deals. In fact, they're closing tens of millions of dollars in commercial solar projects every month.

Karen is an SREC trader and longtime real estate pro. She recently approached Katie and Becca with a complicated merchant solar project. The three of them worked hard to refinance the project — and when it was all over, formed a deep relationship.

"That's not the norm in the business world today," says Karen. 

Katie Lynch is lead director of finance at Wunder Capital, Becca Gallery is the manager of business development at Wunder, and Karen Lichtin is the president of Cleanlight Power + Energy. In this podcast episode, we'll talk with them about how they execute deals, how gender dynamics play out in solar, and why more diverse teams are good for business.

Despite their ability to execute high volumes of deals, they often get the same reaction from men: "You are not what I expected."

Solar is more diverse than other energy sectors, but there are still few women working on the business side of projects. Katie, Becca and Karen represent a generation of financially savvy solar evangelists breaking that paradigm.

This original podcast is brought to you by Wunder Capital, an industry-leading solar investment platform. Wunder has doubled in size since March, and 50% of hires have been women. If you want to get your solar deal done quickly and simply  and work with some of the most talented people in solar  go to wundercapital.com/gtm.

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