As 2014 draws to a close, regulatory and legislative initiatives in California, Hawaii, and New York continue to take the lead in redefining the relationship between utilities, customers, energy service providers and independent service operators. These state initiatives, coupled with more nascent efforts in Massachusetts and Minnesota, are expected to act as the drivers for the industry as a whole as we transition to a much more distributed power system.

On December 11, Greentech Media will bring together the Grid Edge Executive Council, an exclusive group of industry experts and stakeholders,to discuss the future of the utility industry. Facilitated by Shayle Kann, SVP of GTM Research, the council will collaborate with the goals of understanding the regulatory changes and market events currently taking place across the U.S., as well as identifying the technological outcomes and opportunities around these advances. Experts will speak on developments in Massachusetts, California, Hawaii and New York.

FIGURE: U.S. States Regulatory Overhaul Initiatives

Source: GTM Research

“We are looking forward to discussing this hot topic with the thought leaders on the council," said Steve Propper, Director of Grid Edge at Greentech Media. “Now is the time to get into the business implications of these regulatory proceedings and what they mean for the grid edge ecosystem."

Representatives from more than 50 companies will come together in San Diego, the day after U.S. Solar Market Insight 2014, Greentech Media’s annual conference presenting data, analysis and expert forecasting on the state of the solar market in the U.S. Attending organizations will include California ISO, SDG&E, Northeast Utilities, and the CPUC, among others.

Discussion will be underpinned by market research conducted by GTM Research, particularly the new report Regulating the Utility of the Future: Implications for the Grid Edge. The report will examine the top five states with “utility of the future” regulatory proceedings, collaborations and legislative debates, as well as detailing the business implications for cleantech companies, particularly technology vendors.

The Grid Edge Executive Council meets in person four times per year, covering grid modernization and distributed energy’s biggest challenges and opportunities. Click here to learn more about the council.



To learn more about the grid edge and next-generation business models, download the free report The Grid Edge: Grid Modernization in the Age of Distributed Generation.