Greed is good. At least, it’s good for decarbonization.

This week on The Interchange podcast, we have a new edition of the fantasy decarbonization draft — this one focused on acquiring and restructuring public companies. 

We’re joining the ranks of corporate raiders like Carl Icahn, T. Boone Pickens and Gordon Gekko by taking over public companies and bending their strategies to our will. (For benevolent reasons, of course.)

Shayle and Stephen will pick their portfolio of companies, and then listeners will choose who has the best investment strategy. (Vote over at @InterchangeShow on Twitter.)

Here’s how it works:

  • We each have $25 billion to spend. 
  • We can acquire a maximum of eight companies each. There’s no minimum.
  • The cost of any given company is its market cap at the time of choosing.
  • Our acquisition targets must be publicly traded.
  • Once we’ve acquired a company, we can control its strategy. 
  • The goal is to accelerate decarbonization in our chosen sector.
  • Our geographic focus is North America.

Here are our picks:

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