At least 40 million Americans have already cast a ballot in early voting, with still more than a week to go until Election Day.  

In this episode of Political Climate, we examine whether environmental issues are mobilizing voters the way that analysts anticipated. Who are those voters, and do they wield significant influence? We discuss with Nathaniel Stinnett, founder of the Environmental Voter Project, a nonpartisan organization focused on identifying inactive environmentalists across the United States and turning them into reliable voters in every election. 

This year, the stakes are especially high. Control of the U.S. Senate is very much in play, while Joe Biden and Donald Trump duke it out for the White House with wildly different policy platforms. Could environmental voters tip the scales?

We also consider how fracking and natural disasters are playing into the 2020 election cycle, as well as the rise of “big green” political donors. Plus, we check in on a Texas election bet. 

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