The climate movement doesn’t have a persuasion problem; it has a turnout problem. Election data reveals that environmentalists don’t show up to vote as often as the overall population.

So what gives? And could this impact races in 2020?

In this episode of Political Climate, we take a hard look at how many Americans care about climate issues, and how many of those people actually vote — or don’t.

To figure this out, the podcast team sat down with Nathaniel Stinnett, founder of the Environmental Voter Project, a nonpartisan nonprofit that identifies environmentalists across the United States and makes sure that they vote in every election.

We also discussed a new Democratic proposal to achieve 100 percent carbon-neutrality by 2050. The idea was recently put forward by a group of more moderate, established Democrats rather than progressives. Is this a sign of policy alignment on the left? Or will this Green New Deal alternative be a source of conflict within the party?

We recorded this show live on stage last week at the Sun Valley Forum in Ketchum, Idaho. Take a listen.

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