The latest numbers for U.S. energy storage activity are out. They show a surge of activity coming over the next five years, leading to 6x market growth.

By 2024, the storage market will be worth $4.7 billion, driven evenly by utility-scale and behind-the-meter battery projects.

On this week's Energy Gang episode, we'll unpack the numbers in the latest Energy Storage Monitor from Wood Mackenzie and the Energy Storage Association. They show a doubling and then a tripling of storage to come — making batteries an important part of utility planning in every region of the country.

Where’s growth happening, and what does it mean for grid planning?

Then, with many farmers in crisis, more of them are putting solar on their land. That’s providing new sources of income, but many fear it could take prime croplands out of commission. How do we site solar on agricultural lands properly?

And finally, what is going on over at Tesla? We’ll make try to make sense of the confusing series of decisions at the company.

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