By the end of the decade, the solar industry will install 135 gigawatts of PV projects all over the world. 

It's a staggering number. It took the industry four decades to reach 100 gigawatts of cumulative capacity globally. In 2020, the world will see more than that installed in a single year.

That's the latest prediction from GTM Research, which just released its new global demand report. "We think that solar is basically by 2018 going to be the resource of choice," said GTM senior analyst Adam James, who wrote the report.

The market, which has historically been concentrated in Europe, America and Asia, will become much more diverse. China, the U.S. and Japan will round out the top three. But by then, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East could account for 17 percent of demand.

Source: GTM Research

So what does the world look like in 2020 under such a scenario? GTM's Adam James took to Twitter to explain. Below are some of the most interesting pieces of information from the report:

Tweets can't do the full report justice. Get your hands on the global demand outlook to read all the juicy details about where solar is headed in every region.