webinar: Solar

When String Inverters Are the Right Choice for Utility Solar PV Plants

System designers have continuously evaluated the benefits of using string inverters in utility scale solar projects rather than central inverters. String inverters have steadily increased their capacities and fallen in price while maintaining their compact, lightweight characteristics. Their use can reduce overall install costs and lower O&M requirements when used for the right projects. This webinar will explain the trade offs of string versus central inverter system architectures and highlight practices that system designers can employ to optimize their use of string inverters in large projects.

In this webinar we will discuss market trends as well as guidelines for the most cost effective and highest performing PV power systems over a wide range of system sizes. Topics discussed in this webinar will include:

  • Pros/cons of string and central inverters - understanding when string inverters make sense
  • Best practices for three-phase string inverter system design, string sizing, and DC-to-AC loading
  • Inverter controls and system controls used to meet utility requirements
  • Options for connecting to MV step-up transformers
  • Operation and maintenance considerations for three-phase string inverters
  • Recommendations and feedback from successful string inverter system designers and installers