webinar: Solar

System Design Using Virtual Central Inverters: How Systems Benefit from Central & String Inverters

Until recently, utility-scale solar power systems have been designed with the largest capacity central inverters available. With the introduction of string inverters, systems with capacities in the range of 1MW to 10MW have been successfully designed and installed using three-phase, 1000VDC string inverters with capacities in the 30kW to 60kW range.

Sungrow’s introduction of the SG125HV, a 1500VDC string inverter with a 125kW capacity has even made an impact on the architects of the largest utility-scale solar power systems within the of range string inverter systems. Each of these inverters can be treated as an individual power module or building block to create a “Virtual Central Inverter”, which has the command and control characteristics of a central inverter, combined with all the benefits of a string architecture, including low MTTR, individual inverter monitoring, and less capacity lost when failures occur. This presentation explains key technical considerations related to implementing the Virtual Central Inverter solution and how this will drive down total system costs for utility scale systems.