webinar: Grid Edge

Using Big Data and Real-time Analytics to Make Faster Informed Decisions

It’s no secret that the smarter your infrastructure gets, the more data you have at your disposal. But as anyone who has implemented a smart grid solution knows, dealing with petabytes of data is no simple task. In addition, just having lots of data doesn’t mean you’ll gain a better understanding of your business, or be able to make better decisions, than before. To do that, you also need software to transform the data into information you can use. So what’s the answer?

Smarter technologies are emerging to help you simplify the complexities and real-time nature of running a smart organization. Join Steve Ehrlich of Space-Time Insight in this webinar to learn about situational intelligence, an innovative new approach to visualizing, analyzing and correlating your data, regardless of its source, size, format, or age. You’ll hear how situational intelligence has dramatically enhanced the performance of assets, smart meters, smart grids and renewables at organizations around the globe. You will also witness first hand, a demonstration of big data intuitively visualized in real-time.

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