webinar: Solar

The True Value of Microinverters for Commercial Solar PV

Saving money on energy is the primary reason why businesses decide to go solar. But traditional high-voltage DC systems powered by central or string inverters can undermine the ability to realize maximum cost savings over the lifetime of a solar project due to design inflexibility, pricing uncertainties of DC components, system unreliability, and safety risks.

Join us for this live webcast and learn how microinverter technology allows both owners and installers to tap the full potential of a commercial solar project opportunity. Solar installer Microgrid Energy will talk about how the Enphase microinverter system offers:

  • Higher project profitability
  • Lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Reduced design costs and accurate
  • Predictable long-term cost planning.

Enphase product experts will also explore the benefits microinverter technology brings to commercial PV projects, including:

  • Streamlined design and installation
  • Easy system expansion with a standardized methodology
  • Cost reductions throughout the system's working life

This live webinar will include a Q&A following the presentation.