webinar: Solar

Reducing Balance of Systems Costs Using Smart Modules

Solar PV's declining cost opens the door for more rooftops to host projects. This in turn increases demand for design flexibility and maximized solar output. One way to do this is through smart modules that control system voltage, allowing installers to get the most out of the systems they deploy. 

Trina Solar’s smart modules provide a 30% increase in string length through patented “Smart Curve” technology. This allows installers to complete more systems quickly and at reduced balance of system costs. 

Join this webinar to learn how the revolutionary Trinasmart technology can:

  • Reduce Balance of Systems cost
  • Maximize your energy yield
  • Increase your design flexibility
  • Provide module level monitoring
  • Increase PV system safety

Smart modules, like Trinasmart represent a revolutionary step in how solar systems are designed, installed and managed. Trinasmart dramatically increases the number of rooftops viable for solar, while significantly reducing BOS costs, improving design flexibility and increasing the safety of any roof with the best technology available. Trinasmart uses technology from Silicon Valley company Tigo Energy.