Optimizing Levelized Cost of Energy in PV System Design

With an ever-growing list of technology options and factors to consider during the PV system design process, the challenge of determining the optimal design with the lowest LCOE can be daunting.  Time and resource constraints may only allow the review of a few rule-of-thumb designs before determining a basis of design and hoping that the chosen solution is the best for the project.  This presentation will provide an in-depth review of tools that can evolve this crucial optimization process for your organization.

As a follow-up to last year's webinar on using cloud computing to advance PV system design, we'll take this time to discuss the new techniques and tools used to incorporate cost and LCOE into the design optimization process.  The webinar will include a demo of design-based LCOE optimization using SunDAT, the solar design platform favored by leading commercial and utility-scale solar developers around the world.

In partnership with PVBid, the industry leader in cost estimation for commercial solar, SunDAT now provides cost estimates for every design generated in the program.  By assessing cost, along with production, yield and other metrics, system designers can quickly review how their design decisions and technology choices impact the project's bottom line.

Please join us to discover more about how to optimize solar design with a focus on cost and LCOE.  Every attendee will also be able to access a free trial of SunDAT so you can begin using these latest advancements on your own projects.