Merchant Storage Projects – Balancing Bidding Strategy with Storage Health

Energy storage deployments are growing at breakneck speed, with a 93% year-over-year increase in megawatt-hours deployed as of Q3 2019 and a forecasted 8x increase in market value by 2024. While growth is consistent across all sectors, the utility scale segment is expected to be the largest in capacity and dollar value over the next five years.

With wholesale markets opening as a result of FERC Order 841, many projects are now looking to capture significant portions of their revenue through bidding and dispatching into capacity, energy, and ancillary service markets. Maximizing revenue in these wholesale markets relies on continuously managing the tradeoff between earning revenue in the near term and managing capacity degradation over the life of the project.

In this webinar, DNV GL will utilize illustrative case studies to demonstrate how operational decisions impact project revenue and lifetime project costs by addressing the following questions:

  • How should storage systems be sized to target different geographies and merchant markets?
  • What impact does discharge duration have on revenue?
  • What should be considered when deciding between battery chemistries?
  • How important is thermal management for system operations and lifetime?
  • When should systems be exclusively charged from renewable energy?
  • What are the optimal strategies for negotiating warranty and capacity maintenance contracts?
  • How does dispatch strategy impact all the above?

The intended audience for this webinar includes:

  • Storage developers
  • Storage manufacturers
  • Investors and lenders
  • EPCs
  • Policymakers and regulators
  • Grid operators