webinar: Solar

Maximize your PV Investment with 1500VDC Technology

The continued growth of Utility Solar in the US has driven record low costs of Utility scale PV deployment. With the evolution of PV panel technology and improved power electronics technology, it is now feasible to deploy 1500VDC systems for utility scale solar. With greater power output per inverter, more optimized power plant designs and lower balance of system (BoS) costs, 1500VDC technology is set to revolutionize the next phase of utility scale solar.

In this webinar, ABB’s solar inverter experts will explore the development of 1500VDC systems and how inverter technology is evolving to match the pace of higher PV voltages. You’ll learn:

  • How 1500VDC central inverters save costs during installation and increase efficiency over a system’s lifespan
  • The barriers that are holding back the pace of 1500VDC adoption and when these “walls” may start to “crumble”
  • Technological advancements and where the market for solar inverters is heading

If you are a solar developer or utility managing new PV development, join us for this one-hour webinar and you will come away with some important insights to help maximize your investment.