webinar: Grid Edge

Making Energy Storage Work for Utilities (Hint: it’s not about the battery)

Over the past year, Doosan GridTech has helped Puget Sound Energy and Snohomish County Public Utilities District meet major milestones towards installing intelligent energy storage that creates grid value on a bulk and local level.  This includes the installation of three megawatt-scale energy storage systems along with local- and fleet-level ESS control platforms using an open, standards-based framework (MESA).  Both utilities embraced common principles in their deployments which make them more than just the installation of another battery.

Join leaders from these two utilities along with Doosan GridTech in an interactive session to learn about these common principles and how they can help energy storage deployments achieve maximum value as a utility-controlled asset using a scalable, utility-integrated deployment framework as well as other lessons learned about what worked well and not so well as these projects were delivered.