Lowering LCOE with Bifacial PERC Modules: a Case Study with LONGi’s HiMO4 at 440W

Since bifacial PERC modules were introduced in early 2017, we have seen a steady increase in customer interest in adopting bifacial modules into their PV projects. Bifacial PERC technology bankability has been well established among developers and investors. Bifacial PERC technology inherited the key advantages of mono PERC, higher power and higher energy yield. Substantial BOS cost savings can be realized with higher power using mono PERC modules; higher energy yield helps drive down LCOE. Extensive outdoor field data collection has demonstrated significant backside energy yield with bifacial systems. So far, LONGi has deployed >2.4GW bifacial PERC modules globally.

In this webinar, we will explain the advantages of bifacial PERC technology and share bifacial PERC outdoor field performance data. Earlier this year, LONGi launched next generation bifacial PERC module HiMO4, which takes advantage of larger M6 wafer/cell and delivers unprecedented up to 440W front side power.  Learn how HiMO4 modules can help customers to realize better system economics and lower LCOE.