Lessons Learned From COVID-19: How 5 Different Solar Markets Adapted to Remote Sales

As COVID-19 swept across the world, solar developers were forced to re-imagine their business processes for this new reality. And while the virus has been felt worldwide, the solar industry’s responses have been diverse across different countries and regions. 

Globally, solar developers in various countries have taken very different approaches for how to adapt to the era of remote work. This mass experimentation has resulted in new techniques and accelerated new technologies. The teams at the forefront are embracing new technologies to shorten their sales cycles and empower front-line teams. 

In this webinar, we will discuss how solar developers in 5 major solar markets have taken different approaches to adapt to social distancing requirements. We will share best practices and techniques used by these teams, from new methods to qualify leads early, to new ways of engaging with customers, structuring teams, and delivering projects. We will also show how HelioScope’s new Sales Proposal tools help these teams close more projects in less time. Folsom Labs will be joined by content partners Proinso, Rubicon, and CED Greentech for additional customer trends and market insights.

According to McKinsey, COVID has accelerated the global digitalization shift by 5 years. Find out what that means for the solar industry by joining this webinar.