webinar: Grid Edge

Key Considerations for Remote/Island Renewable Microgrid Development

Remote and island communities and customers have always provided a strong business case for the development of hybrid renewable microgrids. These communities have traditionally relied almost entirely on diesel-fired generation which is costly and presents supply chain and environmental risk. This is changing as increasing adoption of significant renewables on to these systems with appropriate controls and integration are providing a direct economic benefit. As straightforward as the basic business case is however, successful execution of a high–renewable-penetration remote microgrid deserves careful consideration of certain key aspects.

Attend our informative webinar using real world examples to learn the key considerations you will want to know before embarking on your next remote or island microgrid project.

Join this webinar to avoid the most common pitfalls on your next project by:

  • Learning the rules of thumb and common outcomes that should align planning for optimal return
  • Uncovering the secret of “Eight S’s” to break integration challenges
  • Understanding how to leverage deferrable loads to integrate even more renewable energy
  • Exploring the potential benefits of a distributed control system
  • Addressing difficulties posed by fault current and other technical issues
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