webinar: Solar

How Solar Installers Maximize Profits with Industry’s First Cell-Level Distributed Energy Solution

Evolving feature, code, safety and grid requirements have driven increased use of distributed PV electronics solutions in the commercial and residential markets. While these deliver performance and functional benefits, installers have seen a corresponding increase in equipment cost, solution complexity, and installation time. By delivering an unprecedented level of integration, the industry’s first cell-level distributed energy solution delivers the cost, performance and features for the next wave of PV market growth with the system simplicity of the past.

The cell-level distributed energy solution begins with a highly integrated power chip, embedded in the PV module, delivering MPPT granularity to the cell-string. The intelligent module is strung in a conventional fashion to a highly integrated, field-serviceable, easy-to-install energy appliance to complete the two component solution. Solar installers can maximize profit through reduced design, equipment and installation costs while their customers benefit from new heights in energy harvest and component reliability. Large commercial and residential solar installers such as OneRoof Energy are already enjoying the benefits of this new solution.

This webinar will provide insight into the newest generation of PV electronics and how this solution can increase sales and profits for solar installers. Topics in this webinar will include:

  • What the industry’s first cell-level distributed energy solution looks like
  • How to increase energy harvest of any residential or commercial project
  • Advantages of the highly integrated solution relating to installation, cost, reliability, and O&M
  • How to address Rapid Shutdown and future code & grid requirements with the expandable solution
  • Examine how a major PV solution provider - OneRoof Energy - has benefitted from the large-scale deployment of the cell-level distributed energy solution