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Concentrating Solar Power 2011: Technology, Costs and Markets

The 354 MW of CSP built in the Mojave in the 1980s remains the largest solar plant in the world. But after several quiet decades, CSP is roaring back, with numerous utility-scale projects securing financing and breaking ground in Spain and the US Southwest. While there are over 20,000 MW of CSP projects under development worldwide, significant obstacles remain for these projects to move from concepts on paper to fully-operational power plants. But for those developers and manufacturers that can successfully navigate the regulatory and financial challenges ahead, the future looks very bright.

In this exclusive Greentech Media webinar, join Brett Prior, GTM Research Senior Analyst, for a discussion of findings from the recently published report Concentrating Solar Power 2011: Technology, Costs and Markets. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Current state of the CSP market
  • Market share breakdown for CSP developers, manufacturers, component suppliers, and electricity purchasers
  • Cost and LCOE forecasts through 2020 by technology
  • An analysis of LCOE drivers including land usage, water usage, capacity factor, and efficiency
  • CSP project pipelines for the US, Spain, China, and the rest of the world

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