Catalyzing IoT Innovation to Transform Communities

Harnessing the power of ubiquitous connectivity, intelligent edge devices, and software, utilities are at the forefront of driving IoT innovation to connect, protect, and empower communities. As this digital transformation continues apace, how can utilities and cities work together to build more sustainable, safe, and efficient communities? The answer lies in collaboration.

Itron’s Smart Community Challenge is calling on the world's leading IoT technology providers and problem solvers to develop innovative technology solutions to the most critical challenges facing utilities and the communities they serve. Sponsoring utilities have designed open innovation challenges to enhance resiliency and accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Technology vendors will leverage Itron's open IoT platform and standards-based developer tools to build solutions.

Itron and its utility partners will present two open innovation challenges:

  • Transforming Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations into Grid Resources: Enable utilities to leverage electric vehicle service equipment for grid optimization, time-based consumption and load management, while improving the customer experience.
  • Creating Safe and Resilient Communities: Enable communities to endure prolonged outage events caused by extreme weather events by providing back-up power and energy management tools to minimize disruption to critical services.

Challenge winners will receive product engineering assistance, marketing and promotional support—as well as an opportunity to deploy their solution in a real-world environment. Attend this webinar to learn more about this exciting opportunity to partner with a leading utility and deliver your solution from concept through commercialization.