A New Chapter for the North American Wind Market

The North American wind market has experienced an explosive increase in demand over the past year, with a record 7GW under constructions and a further 28GW of contracted capacity in the pipeline. Propelled by the upcoming phase-out of production tax credits, wind developers are eager to push through new wind projects by the end of 2020. Coal retirements and state-driven clean energy mandates have further driven interest in wind buildout. However, the industry is also facing supply chain challenges, bloated interconnection queues, inadequate transmission infrastructure, and other obstacles. The offshore wind sector is navigating its own set of unique opportunities and challenges as the market matures.

In this webinar, Wood Mackenzie wind energy analysts will review the significant trends in North American wind power in 2019 and discuss the outlook for North American wind in 2020. Learn about the key drivers and barriers for new wind power installations in North America, including sub-regional market dynamics.​